That lovely feeling, the virtual hug... "Steven is such a warm and engaging trainer."

Earlier this week, I received this piece of feedback and it fair lifted my spirits. As some of you know, Andrew lost his beloved Mum last week. Obviously my training had to be postponed and people could not have been more brilliant. This week, I returned to a full week of back to back training. It did me the world of good, primarily because the various learners that I met on training made it a joyous experience.

Melissa from Staffordshire County Council sent me this message and it was rather uplifting:

"I always book immediately on to any training Steven is delivering if the opportunity arises.

Steven is such a warm and engaging trainer. I always feel totally safe in his environment and not

worried about saying the wrong thing as he is always kind. Not too much to ask really, but

on occasion I can feel that I am being preached to during training. So much today that I can

take back to partners and agencies, even if it just makes them pause a little before they

speak. Can I please add that I feel this should be mandatory training."