I worked with a wide range of clients in both the public and private sector. Please read some of the testimonials below to find out what others think of my training courses.


Staffordshire Police

"This was a great day and training session, probably one of the best I’ve been to for a long time. Really informative and thought provoking, I will definitely take on board some of the learning around how others may perceive me and try consider how I am might be a bit much for some. Steven was amazing and definitely made the day more enjoyable. Thank you.”


Staffordshire Police

"The training was excellent. Stevens enthusiasm, knowledge and innovative delivery cemented the messages of positive working, behaviours, relationships, self-care and common team objectives. I left feeling inspired to work in the most positive way I can with new skills as to how to achieve this. It reaffirmed and gave a timely reminder for self-care in order to achieve what I want to at work. It gave great opportunity to increase the positive working relationships within the office which was needed within such a new team. The methods used throughout were perfect to ensure that it was relatable, interactive and fun. Thank you Steven, his words will no doubt continue to inspire me within 2021 and beyond."


Staffordshire Police

"Brilliant training; Steven was funny, knowledgeable, fair, and very engaging. I really enjoyed it and felt included. I particularly liked his effort to remember people’s names and included them within his training. I found myself being able to maintain my engagement level throughout the day and came away having gained a wealth of useful knowledge/skills and didn’t feel exhausted from the day. Thank you Steven!”

Kate Howlett

East Cheshire Council

"I really enjoyed this training – I found Steven inspirational, informative and passionate about the topic. It has inspired me to strive to use the skills he has taught me more in my line of work. The topics were approached in a sensitive but interesting way – and the anecdotes were moving and continually reminded me of the reasons why the skills were being taught and why I chose my career. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative, thank you very much Steven – I hope to see you on more courses!”

Jennie Stephenson

East Cheshire Council

"Thank you for a great two days. I feel that I have gained so much from this course and look forward to being able to use it for some of those more challenging conversations. Steven was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It was an intense two days but made easier with Steven getting to know each one of us and involving the whole group from start to finish. The tasks were thought provoking and very relevant to my work role. I never felt intimidated or put on the spot – (a huge plus for a course for me!) Thank you for the opportunity to share your knowledge and learn the skills of Motivational Interviewing. Definitely feeling motivated!"

Amy Sargent

Social Care Telford and Wrekin Council

“This training was fantastic and really informative, it really helped me to think about the work I do with families and how many times I ask questions and ‘fill the silences.’  I would recommend this training to all of my colleagues.”

Heather Broadhurst

Managing Director

"An inspirational trainer and an exceptional course, I cannot recommend Steven highly enough. I have had the pleasure of recently attending Steven Talbot's training course in Motivational Interviewing and I can honestly say he is one of the best trainers I have seen in action. A consummate professional, Steven was able to engage with the whole group from the outset and he ensured all delegates were comfortable enough to participate in all aspects of the training whether it was the group discussions or activities that Steven had devised himself in order to aid the learning process. The subject was a difficult one to learn but Steven’s techniques along with his relaxed, entertaining style of delivery ensured all delegates left having the confidence to put into practice what has been taught."

Sue Trevatt

Department of Work and Pensions

"Steven professionally guided us through the steps of Motivational Interviewing.  He is an inspiring and talented teacher who through humour, panache and knowledge embedded the main tenets.  Brilliant." 

Tracy Preston

Prevent Watch Manager, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue

“We have utilised Steven Talbot to deliver training and found him to be a knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer. He is personable and his training methods are such that they encourage participation from all who attend and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed his courses and asked for more! He provides a good range of resources from PowerPoint to notes as well as a wealth of examples and experience. I would highly recommend using Steven.”

Rachael Parkes

Social Care Telford and Wrekin Council

“This is one of the best training courses I have ever been on.  I felt engaged throughout.  I really hope this improves my practice and makes me think about how I interact with people and what I want to achieve and more importantly what service users need and what they experience when working with me.” 


University of Liverpool

“The best and most engaging training session I have ever attended.  Loved putting theory into practice and I feel equipped to deal with tricky situations going ahead, thanks!” 

David Britton

Student Social Worker, Keele University

“It was entertaining which made the course more interesting, which then made you feel like engaging with the other people who attended.  It has made me think about my own behaviour with the patients in the wards.  By far the best course I’ve ever attended.” 

Jade Bentley

Psychiatric Nurse

“The training has widened my knowledge and re-skilled me within areas I learnt at university.  I loved the different learning styles involved and the real-life case studies.”

Sharon Harrison

Housing Team Manager, Stoke on Trent City Council

“Stevens training courses are like no other! For over 20 years I have attended training courses and yes I’ve learnt but I can’t say they have really stuck with me. This was the difference with Steve. Steve carried out his training in an informal, friendly manner. Explaining in full, giving examples relating to real life and making it fun. I can remember more from what Steve has taught than any other courses. The Implementation Team worked with Steve during the roll in of Cooperative Working. Steve provided staff with training which included Motivational Interviewing. The feedback we received was that Steve was the best trainer they had ever had. Staff respected him fully, understood what he was teaching and actually changed their ways of working for the better. He is an excellent trainer, provides great material and teaches in a fun, informal manner. Fantastic!”

Helen Rigby


"Excellent delivery and good use of participation and activities to embed learning."

Chloe Ramsay

Housing Needs Team

“Most engaging course I have ever been on.  I would recommend to all colleagues.  Fantastic trainer, made it fun, thanks.”

Adrian Stowe

Arch Support Worker

"Steven is extremely knowledgeable. He presented the subject in an enjoyably and informative way.  He kept everybody well engaged and involved.  I really enjoyed the training."  

Jane Rushton


"Very informative, engaging and interesting.  Things to think about in the school setting."

Faye Morgan

Community Early Help

“Such a fun, engaging, MOTIVATING, thought-provoking course!!  Lots of examples of Steven’s experiences with young people, families and parents, which made it easier to relate to the situations and expand my learning.  Thank you very much, such a great guy!” 

Faye Beaman

Young Carers Caseworker, Stoke on Trent City Council

"Steven has the propensity to make all people feel welcome, included and valued. Steven’s training is exciting, inclusive and entertaining and he has a subtle way of ensuring that all learning styles are catered for. I have every confidence that Steven would be able to deliver any training asked of him to a high standard with amazing results and incredible feedback from both participants and employees."

Helen McCann

Staffordshire Housing

"I wanted to gain a more knowledgeable understanding of hoarding and different ways to help support customers.  I thoroughly enjoyed the training."

Michelle Bailey

Stoke on Trent City Council

"Really interesting way of thinking and presenting yourself to customers.  I will be using everything that I learnt in my practice.  Steven gave fantastic demonstrations of practices in everyday situations, including references to the local area.  I loved that everything was real and local."  

Fintan Dineen

Team Leader (Technical Services and Infrastructure) University of Liverpool

"I would highly recommend Steven Talbot as an excellent and skilled practitioner in this area. 

Thank you very much for arranging the Away Day training for our Technical Services Team.

I could see that everyone was fully included in the day in a positive and engaging way.

The training was well balanced and a lot of different skills and techniques were presented and explored. Steven provided opportunities to explore the skills and techniques, providing great exercises where we could put them into practice. Throughout the day, all of the team were fully included in the sessions and activities, with the exercises focused on the important skills which we highlighted in our planning. The sessions helped to highlight the relevance and importance of using the customer support techniques and skills presented. I personally found the day to be very informative and enjoyably challenging. It has provided the team with a better sense of self awareness and appreciating how we can use the skills in our work and our support of students and colleagues."

Sam Millward Thomas

Telford and Wrekin Council - social care

"Steven is an inspirational trainer and it has been an excellent learning experience, that has been very beneficial for my professional development.  I hoped the course would help develop my understanding of motivational interviewing and my learning needs were exceeded on this highly practical and informative course."

Sonya Wood

Prison Officer

"Fantastic and a breath of fresh air.  I found Steven to be extremely knowledgeable, interesting and professional and also entertaining!  He created and delivered his training with various techniques which kept the group totally captivated throughout.  One of, it not THE BEST trainers I have ever met, it was a pleasure to attend the training and I highly recommend Steven Talbot Consultancy." 

Sue Oliver

Social Worker

“Fantastic training, Steven is so inspiring, motivating and knowledgeable about the subject matter and much, much more.  Steve was able to create an arena for learning that felt safe and fun.  I LOVED this training.”

Jayne Hazel

Housing Advice Officer

"I just want to say that your training course, “Trapped and Drowning in my Things” was so useful to me.  It was not just the content of the course, but I think what was added to your training (which I have to say is particularly lacking in most training) was humour and lots of case studies and anecdotal stories; it just adds to it and makes you listen, enjoy and then remember what you learn.  It even made me check the things I have lying around the house and garage, and I have earmarked stuff to get rid of!!  I realised that actually my aunty when she was alive was quite a hoarder, but not to a dangerous level.  I now feel more confident in that I know what a better approach if I encounter hoarding behaviour and I know who else to contact.  I wish this training was available to all of Staffordshire, not just Stoke area, because it is important." 

Melanie Williams

University of Liverpool - Education

“The training was the best, most engaging training I’ve been on in fifteen years.  The trainer was incredibly engaging and used humour and real-life examples to connect with the group.  I learned a great deal and I will practice the techniques to embed them at work.”  

Anika Basford

Traveller Liaison and Environmental Enforcement Officer

"Thanks for the compulsive hoarding training, it was a breath of fresh air to be given training by someone who has actually done the job in person and not just studied the said subject they are delivering.  Excellent."

Diane Toplass

Personal Assistant

"Inspirational and thought provoking."  

Neil Cotterill

Department of Work and Pensions

"Excellent content and delivery.  I now feel much more confident about supporting customers with multiple barriers to change."  

Laura Hand

University of Liverpool - Education

"Absolutely brilliant training session!  Need more like this.  So informative, relaxed and fun.  Learnt a lot. :)"  

Tracey Ellison

Principal Child & Family Social Worker & Systemic Lead, Stoke on Trent

"Steven delivers a range of training opportunities for Stoke-on-Trent City Council and he is professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subjects and areas of practice he trains on.  This is evident in his delivery and his ability to link research and theory to practice giving an authentic learning experience for staff.  Steven has an energised style and warm personality that keeps staff engaged throughout, whilst creating an environment in which people feel able to explore training concepts in a safe way.  Steven has a huge array of knowledge and has the capacity to captivate a room and deliver well created, robust and up to date training modules covering a range of topics."

Kate Osborne

Maple Court Academy

"I recently had the pleasure of attending Steven’s training course on dealing with difficult people and situations  and what an outstanding morning I had. Steven instantly made everyone feel at ease, was engaging and fun and the course content was exactly what I needed!"

Debbie Mohindra

Early Help Coordinator Manager, Stoke on Trent City Council

“I have worked for a local authority for 30 years and have attended/taken part in/endured a wide variety of training and many of them have been tedious, dull and at times boring! I can honestly say that training with Steven is none of these. His training sessions are always full and it’s easy to see why, not only is he extremely knowledgeable he is engaging, entertaining and funny, he has a unique way of including every person in the room without ‘putting anyone on the spot.’  Steven creates a perfect learning environment, his materials, which he creates himself, are always amazing and his sessions are a perfect mix of trainer/learner/group interaction, they are thought provoking and challenging but in a totally safe arena. Whenever I have attended Stevens training I have left the session feeling motivated and challenged and have returned to my workplace with a renewed enthusiasm for my job. 

As a manager I have recommended Steven’s training to a team member who was lacking in confidence and struggling with a customer facing role.  He told me that he benefited massively from the training and has now moved on to a more senior position. In a nutshell, Steven Talbot is the best trainer I have ever come across and I would 100% recommend him and his sessions.”

Sophie Farley

Telford and Wrekin Council - social care

"The course definitely met my learning needs, the practical activities really cemented my understanding.  Steven's own examples and films made the training both fun and applicable.  I have learnt a lot over the two days and I am looking forward to applying MI in practice - Tomorrow!"

Steve Thompson


"The trainer was extremely knowledgeable on the subject (compulsive hoarding) and the real practical examples were very informative.  I feel much more confident in working with people experiencing hoarding issues."

Ian Chatfield


"I wanted to gain insight and education on the subject (hoarding), the trainer Steven was extremely engaging, enabled a fantastic event.  My confidence has definitely grown."

Steph Pickles

Community Early Help

“Highly engaging training, very useful for the job role, thought-provoking and use of genuine examples was very powerful.  Thank you Steven.” 

Stef Roberts

Shropshire Council - learning and development

"Thank you Steven, a really enjoyable two days, I learned different ways of supporting clients, especially the reflection techniques."

Samantha Matthias

Young Carers Coordinator, Stoke on Trent City Council

“I have had the absolute pleasure of attending Steven’s training for the last 10 years. Steven is a fantastic trainer. His training sessions are the best training you will ever attend. He engages every single learner in the room through interactive resources and ensuring that he includes every learning style to empower each learner.  I have gained so many skills through attending many of Steven’s training days  which have all increased my confidence in my every day working practice. I cannot recommend Steven as a trainer highly enough.”

Emily Bagnall

Strategic Manager Customer Service and Business Support, Stoke on Trent City Council

“Steven is so engaging and he added the right level of humour, but with a perfect level of professionalism which made the session, which I hope the other delegates felt it as well, really hit home as to why we were completing the training and also the Authorities approach to customer services, in my opinion it should be mandatory training.”

Sarah Brain

Social Worker, Stoke on Trent City Council

"It was enlightening.  Steven delivered an interactive and enjoyable course, as he always does!  I will definitely be including the techniques I have learned in my everyday practice." 

Melanie Eardley

Service Co-Ordinator, Stoke on Trent City Council

"In a word EXCELLENT.  I also think that this training was the best I've been on in a long time.  So good to see the real lives of customers. I really appreciated the work that has gone into this course and the way that you have kept everyone interested and engaged.  You made the course interactive and fun.  I have learned such a lot and need to go away and practice.  I loved your illustrations.  Thank you."