I graduated with a degree from Hull University and from there studied teacher training at Staffordshire University, I also completed Qualified Teaching and Learning Status (QTLS) with the Institute of Learning.  My experience of performing arts, scriptwriting and my aptitude for creativity has always given me the edge in each career that I have chosen to undertake.  My ability to perform and exude confidence has imbued me with self-belief and determination. 

People remember the Steven Talbot experience and they learn from it.  I have received 100% unanimous positive feedback, just take a look at my testimonials.  People strive to attend my training, they rave about my approach and my passion for learning, plus, they always leave feeling elated, positive and informed.

It is very difficult to challenge firmly held beliefs if delegates feel their words and actions will be used against them. I always create respectful learning environments, where delegates feel they can be open and honest.  I challenge perceptions and attitudes, I'm pro-active and assertive.  


As a teacher I was always awarded a grade 1 in all Ofsted inspections and I was often called on to train other teachers.  It was from there that I stepped up to becoming a programme leader for people with learning disabilities (LD).  My background in LD gave me the opportunity to work with some inspirational young people who taught me the importance of active listening skills, independence and motivation. 

From there I entered the world of sexual health and social care.  As a teenage pregnancy prevention officer I created bespoke training for schools and colleges in Stoke on Trent.  This was a great success, with teenage pregnancy rates falling year on year.  This led to my becoming the Principal of the Brighter Futures Academy.  It was at Brighter Futures that I honed my skills as a motivational interviewing practitioner, along with my ability to engage a wide range of different learners. 

When I joined Organisational Development at Stoke on Trent City Council I was responsible for training the whole of the co-operative working team. My training became much sought after and I was often described as inspirational.  My Compulsive Hoarding course, ‘Trapped and Drowning in My Things’ has been of particular success and has led to exciting changes for both customers and staff.

I also consult with various agencies and companies in matters as diverse as equality and diversity issues, embedding safeguarding into the curriculum, apprenticeships and performance management techniques.