“I love attending any training by Steve Talbot." Hayley, Stoke-on-Trent CC Festival of Practice

Well, that was certainly a week and a half!

For someone who hasn’t been feeling 100% I certainly managed to keep on going. Which is par for the course when you run your own business… But I digress, today saw my return for my second learning and development session with Stoke on Trent City Council’s Festival of Practice. A big thank you again to Lee for inviting me to inform, educate and entertain the troops. (Via Zoom, God bless Zoom eh!?)

Today was Empathy Fatigue and again it was a most rewarding experience. Various members of staff from across the local authority and partner agencies attended the training and as you can see from the collated feedback, the learner comments were 100% positive. Would you expect any less? It’s sessions like these that maintain my motivation, and as we all know I’m highly motivated fellow at the best of times. Stoke Council as a forward-thinking organisation is investing in its staff, their health and well-being and capitalising on their truly inspiring dedication. Ensuring that they keep going above and beyond AND look after themselves too. Yes, I know I’m biased, but this one is a good bias.

Here are the comments and I’m truly overjoyed that the 2022 version of the course (which has had a top to toe revamp) is still highly sought after and making a difference.

“Steven I absolutely loved this training, and it is much needed in the workplace especially following the pandemic. When you are an empathetic person, it can be really draining on an individual but understand that there are different ways of supporting people was helpful.

It was helpful to understand empathy fatigue and burnout and recognising the signs before it goes too far and you are completely burnt out. Using these signs and speaking to my manager and being open and honest about how I am feeling will allow me to get support should I need it.

The videos were fabulous and really made me think about how I prioritise my workload and why. It also made me think about what is actually important in my role and what can wait. I will definitely be using the grid to prioritise my work from now on.

As always engaging training that I can apply to my job role and private life. Thanks so much.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed the training, very informative and thought provoking.”


“Really informative training which was interactive and fun. Steven, the trainer was engaging and knowledgeable. I liked been with different people in the break out rooms and felt comfortable talking about my experiences in the group. I think everyone should come on this training including managers.”


“I really enjoyed this course. It was so interesting and Steven really knows his stuff. I would love to do more on this topic and I think it is really important to prioritise the techniques given in this training. Would recommend to all.”


“I love attending any training by Steve Talbot, when he delivers it, it is always interactive, informative, interesting, fun, and engaging. I never feel I’m exhausted after training with Steve I feel motivated and inspired to put the things I have learnt into practice. I loved how we all interacted and you always feel that you are listened too and what you have to say is important. You feel involved and not talked at it didn’t feel like Steve was reading off a script and at no part of the training did I feel myself drift off. Well Done Steve give yourself a great big pat on the back keep up the good work and take care of yourself.”


“Thank you for another informative and thought-provoking training session. Hope to see you soon on more training.”


“Thank you so much for the training. I have really enjoyed it.”


“I really enjoyed the course. Steven was very knowledgeable and had a very good approach.”


“Really in depth and thought-provoking training, providing lots of tools to help support customers effectively. Loved the use of case studies of people with lived experience who demonstrated that recovery and a happy, authentic life is achievable and a real option. Their involvement in the training was very powerful.”


“I haven’t attended training by Steven previously it was interesting, and he made it fun. This made a long day feel short. Steven is right in saying until this comes from the top-down things won’t change and I think staff wellbeing isn’t just a tokenistic issue. Thank you.”