“I found the training very inspiring." Motivational Interviewing with Birmingham City Council

Greetings faithful readers of the Steven Talbot Consultancy blog. Last week saw my return to Birmingham City Council where I have been delivering a homelessness specific Motivational Interviewing (MI) course. Over two and half days the assembled learners discover some new ways of working that enhance interaction and influence positive change.

As always, feedback was 100% positive, with some particularly heartwarming comments thrown into the mix. Thanks to people from Stoke on Trent, namely Expert Citizens and former Voices of Stoke staff I am continuing to develop and explore the course throughout the year. I enjoy hearing from experts who have lived through trauma and come out the other side. I’ve heard many an inspirational tale over the last few years. It is these stories that inform my films and my training aids.

I like to reflect on the learning experience and in doing so ensure that my training is always ahead of the curve and making a real difference. For instance, a difference to both the residents of Birmingham and the staff who work for the city council. It’s only by reflecting on what’s worked and what could work better that I’m able to constantly reinvigorate the training.

You can say one thing about my learning development, it will always move with the times and never will it ever be stale. Onward, ever onward.

“Thank you for an amazing last three days! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your book!

The training was such a delight and very informative. Matches the name of the course perfectly as Steven really has inspired change within me. I know feel as though I have been taught exactly how to speak to clients and ensure that they are comfortable. Steven has provided me with skills that can be used not only in the work place but my other business ventures/passions and many other areas of life.

Thank you for an amazing last three days! 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone! Anyone can benefit from this training.”


“Just want to say thank you for the past two and half days, it has been brilliant. Steven’s training was very informative. Even though the training was not in person it felt very interactive compared to other training I have been online. Steven made sure everyone understood the topics and kept the group engaged. Would love to go on training with Steven again and hopefully look forward to more training in the future.”


“Thank you very much for your training it has been very insightful. I have become more aware of my question and how it can influence people. I feel more confident in speaking to people without bombarding them with question and rather paraphrasing to get a better outcome, naturally.”


“The training was informative and useful to apply to different situations. It has given me tools to improve my communication with everyone I work with and personally. Thank you Steven for your time.”


“I found the sessions very informative as it had a variation of different mediums for conveying the learning objectives, which catered for different learning styles.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the training. Thanks”


“A very helpful and interesting training session which I will be sure to include in my interventions going forward. The pace of the sessions was just right, though hopefully such sessions can be completed in a face to face manner soon, as opposed to reliance on Zoom / Teams etc due to the technical difficulties involved.”


“I found the training very inspiring it was very diverse and will be a useful both in my personal and professional life. I am positive it would help me to complete my job more effectively. I really enjoyed the training I will be using what I have learnt daily .



“The training was very informative I feel it will make me better at my job. Our trainer was very passionate which made the sessions better as you could see he has a passion for what he is teaching. Our trainer made sure to get to know all of the people present individually which made us all feel heard and comfortable.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the training and look forward to any further training sessions. Very informative and engaging – thoroughly enjoyed the training.”


“Thank you for a very interactive and informative training it was great!”


“No comment! It was excellent.”