"Definitely one of the better trainers out there.” Essential Collaboration Birmingham City Council

I’ve had a fun packed week, even though I’ve had vertigo, (which has made using two screens more of hindrance than a help!) Each time I move my head to the right I’m back on the rides at Alton Towers, such fun…

Anyhow! I had a wonderful day with staff from Birmingham City Council. My ‘Essential Collaboration’ workshop was created for Birmingham’s Future Leaders programme and they seem to really rather enjoy it! I spent a great deal of time interviewing members of staff and residents from across Birmingham, along with creating bespoke training films and all new kinaesthetic / hands on resources. Yes, even via Zoom, the mind boggles doesn't it...

I think undertaking your research is the key to a successful learning and development programme. When you know your subject inside out; you are onto a winner.

Here is a smattering of the 100% positive feedback, with some lovely comments that have put a spring in my giddy step.

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course, very informative and interactive which can be difficult when

courses are completed remotely. Steven made it fun which I thank you for as it had been a

tough week. Look forward to hopefully attending courses with Steven in the future. Thank you for today’s course I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot.”


“One of the best courses that I have ever attended. It was informative, entertaining and funny.

The attendees all participated and showed their ‘fun’ side. Great stuff!”


“An enjoyable course that was lively and entertaining at times, which really helps for a course

that last a whole day! I particularly valued the suggested approaches to asking staff

questions or dealing with issues (SMOG etc). I have written down some of the phrases as

they will be really useful I’m sure! Normally I don’t like the break out rooms, but I didn’t mind

so much today. Appreciated the trainer not going over things just for the sake of it also, as it

is a long day (I had terrible back ache and was struggling to sit through at times.)

Hope Steve is available for many more courses offered by BCC, as he is definitely one of the

better trainers out there.”


“What a refreshing course. Good content and interaction. Not just someone talking at you for

hours. Would highly recommend this course.”


“Steven’s approach is relaxed and humorous, ensuring that the course content is delivered in an

informative, co-operative and engaging manner. This is reflected in the level of engagement from

the attendees despite it being Friday! Thanks again Steven, really enjoyed the session.”


“Thanks so much for a wonderful session. This is the most informative and interactive Future Leader training I have been on. Very relaxing yet full of wonderful ideas.”


“The session was fantastically informative, and very well presented. The breakout sessions were

very fluid and though provoking. I will take a lot from this training into my day-to-day work. Many