Inspiring Change - "Excellent training that can be used in my everyday practice with young peop

Hello all,

I’m back from an AMAZING Motivational Interviewing week. A week in which I was inspired, challenged and rewarded by a class of truly fantastic learners. As is always the case with Cheshire East Council, I admired the dedication and determination shown by the staff, especially when they shared their tales of supporting young people in various education settings, be that, schools, children and young people with special educational needs, home schooling or exclusions.

One thing that I absolutely loved about the group was that at each and every break time, the staff just turned to each other, sometimes total strangers to each other and embarked on human conversation. No one reached for their mobile or their laptop, they all interacted and shared their stories. Sat and drank tea and coffee and munched on the odd biscuit (I do like to treat my learners), it was a sight to behold, as quite often I’m surrounded by extremely stressed staff who are fearful of what they are ‘missing while they’re away on training.’

Learner feedback was 100% positive and here you go:

“Brilliant course, best I’ve been on and really gave me time to reflect on my practice and strive to improve. I really liked the individual approach to the training, especially how it related to our local authority. Fantastic use of resources and activities, I liked that Steven created the films himself and not just examples from YouTube.” Jo

“Excellent delivery and story examples. The pace of the session and variety of tasks maintained my motivation and engagement, thank you for the coloured paper too! E and D gets a big tick!” Lisa

“Very enjoyable and has given me lots of useful strategies which I feel I can try in my role at work.” Claire

“I really enjoyed this training and can definitely see the benefit of it in my day to day work. I thought Steven was a great trainer and gave lots of examples from his experiences. Thank you.” Anne

“I really enjoyed all of the different stories and activities.” Jenny

“Excellent. Great examples to use as case studies. I also enjoyed the films.” Hannah

“Excellent training that can be used in my everyday practice with young people. Good use of activities, videos, working in pairs, group work etc. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.” Helen

“The training made perfect sense and I can see how useful it will be in my role. I wish I had done Steven’s training years ago!” Ruth

“Thank you Steven, I really enjoyed the training and think that it will be very useful. I am definitely going to use the techniques, although I will need time to embed them. Thank you for your time and your advice too.” Alison

“Very engaging.” Deborah

“I’ve picked two activities to use in the virtual school to improve my practice. Thank you for an enormously enjoyable course.” Claire

“Thank you for making the two days fun as well as informative and interesting. I am excited to put what I have learned into practice both personally and professionally.” Cath

“Excellent! Fun, interactive, challenging and differentiated. Very informative for my role. Thank you Steven.” Jade

“The training was delivered in a relaxed, friendly style and completely unthreatening. I learned lots and feel like I want to put it into practice straight away.” Kathryn