“This training was very informative... Useful for anyone in a student facing job." Dealing with

I have recently recommenced my ‘dealing with potentially aggressive behaviour’ and ‘difficult conversations’ training with staff from the University of Liverpool. The days just flew by as we explored the language we use, how to de-escalate and why it is important to always use rational compassion no matter the emotion we are dealing with. As always, the learners from the university were superb, with lots of laughter, a fair few anecdotes, some fantastic debates and lots of hands on activities with zero role play, (they loved that!)

I definitely think Liverpool is my favourite city. Strangers speak to one another, people enquire about your life, they show interest. So many people at the university have naturally high levels of empathy, which I suppose is one of the reasons why they are doing the jobs that they are doing. From student support services to various administration posts, front facing, hands on staff to workers beavering away behind the scenes – all of them threw themselves into each of the tasks I flung at them and they all thoroughly enjoyed the training.

I’ve collated the learner comments so you can peruse (at your leisure) what a rewarding experience it was for both the learners and myself.

Feedback comments:

“A thoroughly enjoyable course, engaging and informative. Practical ways to help in the workplace to deal with challenging situations.” Michelle

“This training was very informative, practical activities that really made me think about how to respond (thankfully without using role play!) Useful for anyone in a student facing job.” Alice

“This course has given me the confidence to deal with aggressive situations. I enjoyed how it was backed by real research and psychology. Steven has motivated me to challenge behaviours.” Mark

“This was a great course, very clear, informative and fun. The trainer was inspirational, loved the course, thank you.” Laura

“Fantastic! Funny and informative with lots of food for thought. This course will help me in being more assertive, one of the best courses I’ve ever attended.” Val

“The day went very quickly, thoroughly enjoyable, highly informative and thought provoking.” Nathan

“A brilliant course and very intelligent and knowledgeable trainer, thank you.” Rhianna

“Steven was great, he kept things entertaining which maintained attention spans and kept us all engaged. Steven’s knowledge and experience provided relatable scenarios.” Paul

“Thank you, the course was fun whilst learning. What a fab trainer!” Nicky

“Steven made the training both fun and engaging. Thank you.” Janet

“The most valuable training session that I have ever attended. Thank you.” Alice

“Steven made the session really enjoyable.” Aimee

“Very engaging delivery and content, informative tasks, very good films (made just for us) thank you.” Anon

“The training was very funny and informative; the interaction was at the right level and I’m glad that I learned a lot from the session.” Sally

“I really enjoyed the day’s training with Steven. Steven is very engaging and funny as well as being very knowledgeable. He talked us through the various topics at the right speed, with the right depth. I would love to see the next course delivered by Steven. A great day, thank you.” Liz

“Very engaging tutor and very informative.” Naomi

“Informative and engaging.” Tom

“It is so refreshing to be so entertained during a training course AND learn! I loved every minute.” Elaine

“I think managers need to be encouraged to free up some time to attend this training. Excellent.” Kevin

“Very interesting with real examples and exercises, lots of humour throughout.” Mark

“Very informative and interactive, Steven was Excellent!” Faye

“Really enjoyed the session, loved the interactive elements, I will definitely employ the knowledge learned. Thanks for a great day, best training that I have ever attended!” Jane

“Excellent delivery, really good content and very informative and enjoyable.” Andrea

“A very enjoyable day! Very engaging tutor (Steve) who made the day fun and really good interaction between the groups.” Denise

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was really interesting and informative. I enjoyed the examples and the good humour throughout the day.” Tracy

“Informative and useful training, creative work tasks and group work.” C

“Great training session, useful and practical.” Anna

“Steven made the topic enjoyable and fun, the day just flew by!” Emma

“Engaging, thought-provoking and provided really useful tips to use in my job role.” Anon