“The training session was absolutely brilliant...  Best training I’ve ever attended.”  Inspiring Cha

A massive shout out to the wonderful learners from Wolverhampton City Council. Last week was spent in the company of various staff members who are working with both young people and families across the entire city. The staff members are working tirelessly to inspire change and support families into more positive life choices. The assembled learners were fantastic at engaging with the various bespoke learning techniques that I created for them and really appreciated the research that I’d undertaken to ensure that the course reflected life in 2019 in Wolverhampton.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a method that works on facilitating and engaging intrinsic motivation within the customer in order to change behaviour. MI can really help and support local authorities to work in a far more succinct way and ensure that the revolving door of the same customers, returning again and again to the financially stressed services comes to an end.

Feedback was (as always!) 100% positive, and here is a smattering of the learner comments:

“Great training, really enjoyed the day and found Steven very engaging.” Rosalyn

“Fantastic trainer, engaging and knowledgeable and friendly. I have learned so much, I will use these training techniques in my role at work, please share this training!” Stacey

“Steven’s delivery was excellent. He captured and retained the interest of the whole group. Extremely enjoyable. Thank you.” Deborah

“Very informative, very creative, I learnt a lot that I will use in practice.” Shingi

“This was a great session; I could have down with two days of training from Steven.” Levy

“Highly recommended. Some of the best training I’ve ever received. Steve knows exactly what he was talking about and he was happy to answer any questions.” Solomon

“Ten out of ten. Great pace, engaging and informative. Thoroughly enjoyed the acting!” Caroline

“I especially liked the six steps to change and will definitely be using that and the other techniques. Steven was fantastic and very engaging.” Claire

“The trainer / facilitator Steven was very engaging and informative; his sense of humour won the day and he definitely enhanced my learning.” Debbie

“A great use of techniques and resources.” Santokh

“Absolutely loved it. Thank you.” Paulette

“Very interesting and reinforced some of my learning.” Anon

“I found the day really useful and I look forward to putting it into practice straight away.” Kulwinder

“I believe that Steven has a lovely inspiring style and that he is infectious!” Jo

“Really enjoyable trainer. The trainer was engaging and had examples from real life practice. Steven made me feel it was achievable in practice, he made the day go quickly due to level of engagement. Would love to attend his hoarding training too.” Emma

“Steven was great, I would love more training from him, everything was engaging.” Jasmin

“The training session was absolutely brilliant. Steven made the session fun and he had a great personality. I would definitely like to attend more training sessions with Steven. Best training I’ve ever attended.” Hayley

“Interesting, fun, informative, thought-provoking, validating. Can I have more training like this please as it will certainly inform my practice. PS loved the play doh!” Susan

“I really enjoyed the session, very well presented.” Indarjit

“I really enjoyed this and I learned so much!” Kim

“Excellent. I feel that the two days version of the course would have been beneficial for my everyday work.” Alex

“Really enjoyed the training. Steven was very informative and presented very well, the whole day was really engaging.” Niamh