"Amazing delivery, very informative and kept all of us engaged all day." MI with City of

I’ve recently re-commenced working with Wolverhampton City Council, ensuring that the staff are trained in Motivational Interviewing (MI) and as is always the case with the folks of Wolves, I had an absolutely wonderful time. The assembled learners were not only friendly, engaging and hysterically funny, they were also keen and eager to learn more and all of them asked if I could come back and do another day. (Which let’s be honest - is half the battle won, wholly engaged people are people who are learning.) When learners are asking you to come back and are pretty vigorous in their praise, well who am I to grumble!? So, I’m back again next week and I cannot wait.

Here is smattering of the lovely feedback comments, obviously 100% positive comments, this is Steven Talbot training after all.

“Fantastic day’s training. Enjoyable and informative. I will definitely be using the techniques in my day to day working role.” Deb

“Amazing delivery, very informative and kept all of us engaged all day. Really helped us link theory with practice, skills and objectives.” Emma

“Fantastic, informative and engaging! Strategies that I will use straight away.” Emily

“This training will be very useful in my day to day work with children and their families. Lots and lots of useful tips, thank you.” IJ

“The session was very informative and I will encourage my team to use the six steps. I do wish the training could have been held over two days to help me practice the skills and the tools that Steven gave us.” Anon

“I enjoyed the fun training, all aspects of it. I learned a lot, thank you.” Anon

“Very informative, I learned new ways of using active listening skills and will use them with customers.” Anon

“Brilliant training session! I do wish it had been two days with Steven. This course will help me to reflect.” Marvis

“Brilliant training, really enjoyed it, Steve kept me interested throughout the whole of the training day.” Elaine