Into 2018 with Steven Talbot Consultancy

Greetings, on and all and welcome to 2018.

Last year was a superb year for me, not only did I finally break out and become self-employed, the business went from strength to strength and feedback was nothing less that exceptional. I’ve been busy over the last few months researching my new courses. I’ve always (steadfastly) invested in my personal and professional development. You’ll find me at the forefront of research, desperate to find out more, more, more. I love the research element of my career and it’s something I’ll be putting into practice once my PhD is up and running. I think it’s the educator’s job to be the most up to date and informed person in the training room. I do wonder how I manage to keep it all in my head…

I have several projects lined up for the first six months of the year, including;

Brand new courses, such as Restorative Justice and Mediation, with emphasis on the social care elements and a real kinaesthetic approach to the subject, thanks to my lovely actors. Prepare to engage with other learners as you bring together warring parties and address the **real** issues.

I’ve also devised (and I’m about to deliver) ‘working alongside potentially violent people’ which aims to equip you with the skills to not only deescalate situations but also become more self-aware, you know, maybe it’s YOU who has the issue… Something to ponder.

I’m also in the process of creating a bespoke business management course, which will focus on change, assertiveness, organisational skills and self-awareness and self-control. I have spent a considerable amount of time digesting Bloom’s ‘Against Empathy’ which has really given me pause for thought. The picture above is taken from 'Maria's story' a woman who felt that she was stuck and allowed her 'stuck' feelings to turn to self-loathing and rage. How did she change? Come along to training and see.

Then I also have


Motivational Interviewing for three different local authorities – which has already made me exceptionally happy and excited for the new adventure to come. It’s so rewarding when social workers contact me with their tales, ‘Steven it works! It really works!’

More Compulsive Hoarding courses, which seems to be an absolute winner. I think the main selling point here is that some people offer an ‘awareness’ of what compulsive acquisition is, and what I do is look beyond that to; what can YOU do to support people who have this distinct mental health condition. Feedback has been glowing, with learners stating how my approach has helped them better understand and in turn, work better with their customers.

Substance Misuse and managing Conflict continue apace, with my much sought after approach meaning I’m up and down the British Isles, I may get a bit homesick and I may just love seeing different parts of the country. It’s interesting seeing and hearing how alcohol and substance misuse funding has been gradually eroded and how communities are having to pull together and in some cases DELIVER a better service than they were receiving in the first place. Unfortunately, that is not the norm and it’s something I’ll be looking into when I commence my own research.

I’m also creating more films and I’ll no doubt be sharing my mini ‘masterpieces’ with you, on here, on training and through various platforms.

Here’s hoping that 2018 is a successful, rewarding and challenging year. As always, I’m motivated and I’m ready to inspire. Onward and ever upward.