"Thanks for a very engaging and informative workshop." Essential Collaboration with Birmingham

Howdy one and all,

I’m back with another blog post, because I just can’t help myself.

I’m currently delivering (each and every month) my Essential Collaboration course to managers from across the entirety of Birmingham City Council. I spent over eight months researching and interviewing staff and residents for the training and I really think it’s paid off. I had many members of staff on a Zoom call telling me just how difficult things had been over lockdown, and how they had persevered regardless.

So yes, feedback has been uniformly excellent with several learners stating how it has been the best training they’ve attended in years. I think people appreciate the time and effort that has gone in to creating a bespoke Birmingham centric training course. Each city has its own issues, celebrations, ways of working, pulls and pushes and values and I think the course reflects this very well indeed.

Hopefully the learning will equip managers with the ability to work collaboratively across the council and with external agencies. I’ve absolutely loved being part of the transformation at Birmingham and I feel we are at the beginning of something rather wonderful.

Here is a smattering of feedback comments and as you can see, it’s all 100% positive. (Would you expect anything less…?)

“Steven was very engaging, very thoughtful and very mindful and aware of his audience i.e. BCC and our particular roles. I felt listened to and like all contributions were not only encouraged but valued and validated. He had tailored the session to our organisation and had clearly done a lot of development and preparation work with BCC staff.

The session was very engaging and the use of tasks, discussion and activities was very useful and effective. I feel I gained a lot from discussions with others and the opportunity to practice strategies.

The training was very well resourced, with lots of relevant and useful handouts to use throughout the day. Having the opportunity to record notes, ideas thoughts, other’s responses and correct answers will be a useful resource to refer back to in future.

Very clear messages and examples shared throughout the day, including clear reference to equality act. It was an excellent day, which went by very quickly due to the interactive style and interesting content. Steven created a friendly, welcoming and open environment which can be very difficult to do virtually. It was useful and enjoyable. Thank you very much.”


“Thank you for such an enjoyable session today. A really enjoyable and interactive session. Really well presented. I learnt lots and will be putting it to good use. Thanks for making everything so straightforward and easy to understand. Loved the films!”


“A brilliantly presented course, it really kept my attention the whole way through. The level of interaction was spot on, it not only meant we stayed focused, (No emails or messages), but being able to discuss with colleagues emphasises the learning. Steven is very personable and likeable, his belief in what he presents shines through and made the course one of the best in this series. Thanks for the course today, I really appreciated it and it will improve me as a person/manager.”


“Excellent delivery. Great that everyone had to put their cameras on and everyone complied as it enabled more meaningful interaction. Everybody was encouraged to participate and given the chance to speak, so no-one was left out. Stories / scenarios were entertaining and informative; tasks were enjoyable. I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm.”


“Very good presentation with stimulating presentation and discussion from Steven. This stimulated my focus and interest throughout the day. Entertaining and informative videos which illustrated the themes under discussion. Good use of workshops to stimulate own thought and interaction with other members of the group. All approaches above enforced the subjects and will help me to retain learning. Thanks for a very engaging and informative workshop today. Very good workshop and presentation by Steven.”


“Thank you for today. Really enjoyed it. It was really good, well delivered. Went so fast as was very interactive.”


“Very enjoyable and informative workshop with good examples provided by the trainer. Thank



“It was good to relook at collaborative working especially with us all still working from home.”