"Witty, informative reflective and very, very useful. Fabulous, thank you." Bipolar training

Greetings one and all,

I’ve had the most rewarding week. From Motivational Interviewing to Managing Conflict to my new mental health course. Thursday brought me (virtually via the wonders of Zoom) to Staffordshire County Council and partners to deliver my Bipolar course, ‘It’s not just the highs and the lows.’ As you will see from the examples of learner feedback, the course was met with a rapturous thumbs up from all, with 100% positive feedback and some pretty inspiring comments. The course was a co-production between myself and various experts in the field, community psychiatric nurses, psychologists, support workers but mainly people living with Bipolar or Cyclothymia.

A huge thank you to Darren and all at Expert Citizens, along with Sharon and the fabulous crew at Voices of Stoke for signposting me the in the right direction. I really feel that this course is where I am headed and indeed needed. This along with the Compulsive Hoarding course is making a real difference to the tailored support offered to customers across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

Onward ever onward!

And here are the pretty wonderful feedback comments:

“My understanding of the condition is massively improved as a result of this session. Steven imparted the knowledge in a very accessible and engaging way. Steven achieved the right balance of engagement and delivering information so that the session was well paced, there were no moments when I was clock watching or feeling the time was dragging! Steven’s use of real-life experiences was very effective and really helped me to understand these. I would be interested in taking part in the Motivational Interviewing session if possible.”


“Fantastic training some of the best I have been to. Steven kept the training interesting and was very inspiring. Very inclusive and activity focused. Look forward to attending some more. Would be really interested in the motivational interviewing training if the dates could be provided.”


“I really enjoyed this course as it refreshed my knowledge of Bipolar Affective Disorder and will enhance my practice as a full time AMHP/ SCAMHP. I particularly enjoyed the break out rooms and meeting with people who I had not met before/ the various discussions. Steven’s style of training was excellent, felt very relaxed and informal, however, we covered a lot of ground throughout the day! Really good course and would highly recommend.”


“Really interesting and informative course. The fact that all of the case studies were based on real people and their experiences made it all the more relevant and gave me a better understanding of this condition.”


“I think that the regular activities were engaging and made the training interactive. A lot of virtual training now lacks that ability to engage but this didn’t. I learned some useful strategies to take forward into my practice. Thank you.”


“I found this training to be very informative delivered in a smooth approachable style. Steven was very knowledgeable and able to allow conversations and discussions to explore the topic further. I feel that I have a deeper understanding now due to this input and shall be feeding back to my team at our next team meeting. I would like to have had any further training to expand my knowledge further. I work in an alcohol and substance misuse service where mental health is part of most my clients lived experience. I shall be looking out for further training delivered by Steven as I liked his delivering style.”


“Fabulous, thank you. Witty, informative reflective and very, very useful. Steven was open and invited participation from the whole group, the session was relaxed and encourage conversations and the sharing of information and thoughts. If possible I would really like to attend the motivational interviewing? From my understanding this would support and develop further what has been shared and learnt during this session, Bipolar affective disorder.”


“This training has expanded my knowledge of bi-polar affective disorder, how to work with this client base, how to appropriately talk and work with people experiencing manic and/or depressive episodes. The use of co-production in making this training was excellent and added so much worth.”