“What an excellent course, with an apt title: 'Inspiring Change.'" Jasna, Birmingham City Council

This week it was back, back, back to work, with five days of training, three of which were with the housing solutions teams from Birmingham City Council. I devised and deliver a bespoke course that looks at the causes of homelessness, the trauma associated and the positive outcomes for people who have sought effective support. As is always the case, the staff were clearly motivated to learn and up for the challenge. I particularly love the fact they share so many good ideas and I help to create an environment whereby they feel safe and can highlight their good practice and things that could be improved.

I’ve collated together the feedback (so far) and as you can see it is positively glowing! After a personal loss last week, it was rewarding to meet such inspiring learners. People who want to make a positive difference to residents of Birmingham.

Onward, ever onward.

“I appreciated the training and I know what I have learnt will be valuable when I need to listen to customers and to resolve their problems. Excellent techniques learnt.”


“Steven thank you for teaching me about understanding customer behaviour and what the predisposed factors which may affect customer behaviour. Also how important language is and the impact it has on the types of responses you get.

I loved the Maslow’s hierarchy as a tool to help me identify where the customer sits, this further helps me in the support I can offer them. To make sure that I embed the learning, I will be looking to print the slides and keep them in a folder so that I refer to them and use the techniques in work.

Thank you for your recognition, I have never had so much recognition in one day.”


““Inspiring Change” training could not have been more interesting and enjoying. I have learnt so many new things and techniques to use at work and I can’t wait to go back to work and start to practice what you have taught us.

You have shown us how important our jobs are and how careful we need to be while trying to support vulnerable people of our society.

I loved paraphrasing technique that you have demonstrated and taught us, I never realized how effective it was before this training.

Also loved interactions with yourself and other peoples from training. Sharing our thought and ideas with each other was fun, interesting and informative at the same time.

You have a fantastic skill/Talent to take information to people in a manner that it is understood by everyone.

Our questions that accrued during the training were fully answered.



“Whilst benefit of course maybe dependent on job role it is a great course for all BCC employees as it helps with both personal and professional side. Skills learnt can be applied into any job role.”


“The course was well structured with presentation slides, videos, group activities and discussions. I have learned many new skills how questions should be directed to claimants. It was Excellent. The topics discussed were all relevant in my current role.”


“What an excellent course, with an apt title: Inspiring Change. It’s packed with valuable information and delivered in a fun, interactive and memorable way. Not only did I learn lots, but I also got to know my colleagues. The Zoom meetings ran smoothly, with content well organised and focused on practical situations. As a result, I feel more confident with my new job role and plan on applying what I learned from the course at work. Thank you, Steven!”


“Steven was brilliant and is such a good trainer.”


“Steven taught us the some really useful techniques on how to listen and support people. He also highlighted some of ways workers can cause a conversation to become negative and what we can do to avoid this.”


“I really enjoyed the training and found this something that would be useful in my personal and professional life. The training has made me reflect on my own interviewing skills and how I come across to the customer. I will also be using the six-step change plan as I thought this was an excellent tool to use with the customer to explore any issues/problems. I also think it is a good plan of action to use for personal plans, like sticking to a diet, saving etc. I would be interested in attending any future courses. Thank You.”


“Really good course, really informative. Learnt some excellent new skills that are easily implemented into my role.”