"Very inspirational and I would recommend to anybody working with people." Inspiring Change

My new year’s resolution went out of the window then! I swore to myself at least one blog a month but then life gets in the way of plans and here I am on the 2nd of February and I’m way behind with my updates!

Greetings loyal readers of the Steven Talbot blog,

So, it all started so well, Staffordshire County Council, Staffordshire Police, Stoke Council and then… My laptop died. Oh yes, just gave up the ghost, two years old and cost me a fortune! THEN laptop number two arrived and promptly refused to work when on Zoom. Not much cop if you require Zoom to do your job in 2022 and these (nearly) post Covid times.

Cut to today and I’ve just delivered a whole day’s training to Birmingham City Council, more on that later this month… And I did it on my NEW, handy-dandy, fabulous computer, which again may have cost a small fortune, but you get what you pay for and Zoom works! Yay!

Meanwhile… last week I delivered two days of Motivational Interviewing to staff from the City of Wolverhampton Council and to say it was a real life-affirming two days would be an understatement. I absolutely LOVED working with the troops from Wolves and they demonstrated throughout the fun packed two days why I just love training people from that city. Committed, enthusiastic, raring to go and clearly motivated to support children, young people and their families.

Collated below are the comments from the staff and as you can see (and no doubt guessed, it was 100%0 positive feedback.

Onward – ever onward into 2022!

“Excellent Training session. Motivational interviewing is a must for all practitioners and Steven delivers this training really well. I was actually dreading 2 full days of training; however this training was interactive, fun, but also very serious. The support of the handouts will be really useful for my own practice. A very nice touch throughout the training was the use of the video’s and actors. This helped embed all the knowledge in a realistic way. Thanks Steven!”


“Great course. Steve is very inspirational and I would recommend to anybody working with people. Activities/ slides and handouts all added to the experience, I will embed learning in my future interventions. Would love to know what other courses Steven does so my team could attend.”


“This was an amazing course, very interactive and informative. Steven was very engaging and involved us all throughout the 2 days within his teaching methods. While I was listening lots of young people sprung to mind that I thought this would be brilliant with, I can’t wait to start putting it into practice and for it to roll of my tongue. I would love to know what other courses you have available.”


“Fantastic training and engaged trainer. Gave encouragement and praise throughout with lots of opportunities to embed learning.”


“What a fabulous two days – I have to admit I was dubious about being away from the day job but it’s been a joy. This has been an excellent refresher on some skills I use daily, but wouldn’t have been able to name. I’ve learnt some new skills too. Steven’s delivery is fantastic. He is knowledgeable, and hilarious – considering this training was virtual the informative content, witty delivery and the variety of well-pitched tasks kept me engaged for the entire two days. I would recommend this training to all professionals working with children and adults. I look forward to attending more of your training in the future.”


“A very informative and engaging session. I have learnt a lot of skills which will be useful for my role and am looking forward to putting them into practice.”


“Thank you for a brilliant two days, I really enjoyed the training. Steven was excellent and the training was very interactive and engaging. Motivational Interviewing was explained so well and it was great to put the techniques into practice through the planned activities. I liked the fact that all tasks were different, and I was able to work with different people. Open ended questions, affirmations, reflections, and summaries are something I will explore further and look forward to implementing into my practice.”


“Really informative course that was uplifting and interesting. I enjoyed the interaction with other colleagues and sharing of information. Thank you, I would like to know more of your training.”


“I found the course very informative and enjoyable. Steven was very knowledgeable and able to make the training fun and interactive so that everyone could take part.

My only downside was as the course was on Teams, even though we had plenty of breaks I found it hard concentrating on the screen for the 2 full days. I can imagine with Steven’s personality that this course would be very interesting in person!

I would like to thank Steven for making a 2 full day training enjoyable!!”


“It has been really refreshing to attend a training that was held online and was so engaging! Steven has a used a variety of tasks that were easily accessible and allowed us as learners to utilise in different ways to further develop our skills.

I would 100% recommend this training to others, it is enables learners to explore the theory and practical skills needed for motivational interviewing.”


“Steven was able to explain the various communication methods both theoretically and practically. Through the activates we did, I felt engaged through the 2 days, and contributed well towards, which in turn affirmed my understanding of the learning.

Would love to attend future sessions with Steve, and I also feel Other professionals who deal with families and children would highly benefit from this course.”


“Fantastic training Steven, very informative and I enjoyed the tasks/videos.”


“It was so lovely to meet Steven. He was very knowledgeable, humorous and interesting. Would be very happy to attend another training course he was running; I think the latter few hours did wash over my head a little but as it was a Friday afternoon I think that was to be expected! I’ll take away some of the techniques that Steven has taught us but think as my role is mainly focused with colleagues at the moment it will be mainly used in this regard rather than with young people or their families. Thanks for an enjoyable two days Steven.”


“Steven was great and engaging. 2nd time doing this course and was good refresher.”


“Very good training and really engaging, felt like we were a part of the training instead of just being talked at.”


“Brilliant training thank you very much. It affirmed my own previous knowledge but I also learned many new things. I now feel I can take the principles and apply them in my work with the young people I work with. The pace of the training was great I didn’t feel bombarded by the amount. I felt there was a good balance of info and opportunity to be in small groups.”


“I really enjoyed the course and felt it was very informative.

The activities allowed us to be fully interactive and showed that I was starting to understand what was being taught. I now understand the need to listen properly, be more aware of what I am saying and how I am saying it, so it is appropriate to any situation.”