“Thanks for a very informative and interactive session. Very useful.” Essential Collaboration

Greetings one and all,

Last week saw my return to Birmingham City Council and the Future Leaders Programme. It’s an incredibly rewarding day working with the up-and-coming supervisors, managers and leaders at the city council, especially as every learner throws themselves into the tasks that I’ve created for them.

It’s a testament to the local authority that they are investing in the futures endeavours of their staff and ensuring that they are upskilled and clearly motivated.

My Essential Collaboration learning and development opportunity has received 100% unanimous glowing feedback, which is rather lovely and leads me to believe that the assembled learners understand how much time, effort, research and thought I have put into the course.

I am delivering it throughout 2022 and beyond and it always leaves me feeling elated and positive for the future.

“Thank you for the training today Steven it was very informative, and easy to follow you made it fun to learn, excellent job thank very much.”


“What a pleasure this course was. Just the right blend of talking and interaction. I learnt from Steven of course but also because the breakout groups were not fixed, I had the chance to meet and learn from colleagues. Steven’s presentation style is very engaging and made me want to listen. The presentation material was clear and very well put together. In all, an enjoyable, informative and interesting day.”


“I found this a very enjoyable and informative course. I will be using the DESC process from now on. Thank you.”


“Very engaging training. I only really learn from long training sessions if there is regular engagement. The use of different activities and mediums really helps with this, as did Steven’s humour and inclusive approach.”


“Excellent trainer, theoretical frameworks were linked to job/role specific issues within a local authority. Very interactive and enjoyable.”


“Well delivered – engaging and interactive – just the right balance of seriousness and light heartedness to make it enjoyable and informative.”

Laura J

“The session was really informative, and Steven ensured that everyone was engaged in the discussion which was really helpful. Good use of tasks and videos to get the message across. Interactive session made it interesting and relatable. Thanks for a very informative and interactive session. Very useful.”