Staffordshire County Council - Inspiring Change Training November 2020

This week I've been training the superb troops from in my neck of the woods (remotely of course), as I've been working alongside the social workers and family support workers from Staffordshire County Council. They have been absolutely superb, they've taken to online training like ducks to water and they really enjoyed the way that I've made the course fully interactive. I was blown away by how hard they are all working. Investing their time and energy in really making a difference to our young people and families in Staffordshire.

The learner comments were 100% positive. Feedback ranged from:

"I had been advised by a friend that she had attended this training and she recommended it to me. Steven was well informed and clearly passionate about this subject which helped me to fully engage with the training. We deal with so many people on a day to day basis and it can be hard to get them to communicate to get the best out of them and accurately inform our assessments. Motivational Interviewing is a logical, well thought out way of working with adults and children, encouraging them to share their views.Following on from the training I will try to implement what I have learnt in my day to day work and hopefully achieve more positive working relationships and desired outcomes for

children and their families." Sarah, Social Worker


"Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday. A combination of interactivity, learning & fun. It’s pleasing to know that the company I work for recognise the importance of this approach. I can now look forward to putting this into practice, & towards the 2nd day of the training when it is possible to go ahead." Stuart, Social Worker.

Lots more to come until the end of this year with several local authorities, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stoke and the aforementioned Staffordshire County Council along with the legends that are; 'Voices of Stoke' booking me to devise and deliver:

  • Inspiring Change - Motivational Interviewing

  • Lost - Recognising and Responding to Loneliness

  • Empathy Fatigue

  • Compulsive Hoarding

  • Managing Conflict

2020 has been a difficult year and I'm so lucky in that I've embraced online training and so have my learners. It's all about learning, informing and entertaining. Fun training is training you will remember and that is always the case with my training. Keep safe folks and see you on the other side.