"I will actively seek out any future sessions led by Steven." Empathy Fatigue: Liverpool University

I recently delivered my one day, Empathy Fatigue training course to staff from across Liverpool University, as always feedback has been universally positive, what I would like to do is share Laura's feedback with you. Laura had a real impact on me during the training and I particularly admired the fact that she listened to opposing view-points with compassion, wisdom and a total lack of judgement. I think people could learn an awful lot from Laura's approach to working life.

"I really enjoyed the course. It was a perfect balance between verbal teaching, visual tools and group discussion. I liked the fact that Steven popped into the breakout rooms to keep you on course and encourage you.

The course was informative and engaging and I came away with a smile on my face. The whole experience was positive and upbeat, despite some difficult subject matter. It was fantastic to meet all of the different people in the group via the breakout rooms and this gave me lots of different perspectives which added to the learning experience.

I have attended a number of training sessions recently which left me frustrated and tired. This was the perfect antidote and I will actively seek out any future sessions led by Steven."