"I have learned so much from this training" Compulsive Hoarding with Birmingham City Council

I recently delivered my compulsive hoarding course, ‘Trapped and Drowning in My Things’ to learners from Birmingham Council and what a lovely day was had by all. Yet again I met an array of workers who are working flat out, both during and after lockdown.

As you can see from the feedback, they were all 100% happy with some gorgeous comments from the wonderful staff. More feedback is coming in by the day (the perils of online delivery, you never get it in one big chunk!)

More to come with Birmingham Council, great learners, very motivated and making a real difference to people across the city.

“I Found the training very informative and enjoyable I have gained more knowledge and skills that will help me when I am supporting people with Hoarding. The training was very clear and I really enjoyed the interaction and the group exercises. Thank You Steven.” Maria

“I did really enjoy the training. It was informative and moved along at a good pace. Slides were not to wordy or overcrowded with information. I liked that an holistic approach was taken with trying to support people hording.” Paul

“Steven, you made todays training pleasurable 😊. When it comes to supporting my tenants with hoarding, I now have so much more knowledge. Before, there was nothing for us as support officers to guide us, but now I feel like I have some useful tools to make use of. You are doing a great job and sharing your expertise with us, in the hoarding field, will definitely help us as support officers, make a difference to somebody’s else’s life. Thank you.” Sarah

“I would like to thank Steven for this brilliant training session. It has been most productive, interesting and one of the best courses I have been on. It was delivered excellently and Steven was fantastic. I have learned so much from this training and it will help/understand with any case I am assigned to.” Sindy

“I really enjoyed attending this Training it’s actually 1 of the best I’ve been to. I was so impressed with Steven, his a very good orator, and made the course very fun, and interesting. There was a combination of activities to do, and videos to watch. He covered quite a lot of topics in 1 day which is not done very often. And steven showed respect to us all, and gave us chance to share our views, and thoughts.” Shilpe