"Hugely knowledgeable and experienced trainer able to demonstrate and model what he was teaching..."

Hello all,

And what a wonderful week I’ve had. From Respect and Inclusion with Birmingham City Council to Inspiring Change with Staffordshire County Council, it has been wall to wall inspiring stuff. I’ve also found time to continue my volunteering and secure some new contracts from wholly new providers. 2021 is fast becoming a great year.

The staff from Staffordshire County Council children and families services were wonderful and although technology sometimes gets in the way of online training, they soldiered on. The perils of delivering training during a thunder storm, ‘oh she’s gone’ ‘no she’s back!’ I’ve collated some of the stand out feedback comments for you to peruse, as always the feedback was 100% positive. It’s always terribly rewarding to know that my hard work is paying off and we are all making a positive difference for vulnerable children, young people, families, carers and adults at risk of harm.

“Steven was just a fabulous trainer, he oozed knowledge and had the most fantastic way of making you instantly comfortable through using his humour.

Interesting normally on training, if someone asks the group a question and then picks you out to answer it, I would freeze, but I didn’t have that feeling at all and felt that nothing I said would be stupid. Steven thank you for that as that really helped my learning!

With regard to the course content, it was unbelievably useful to use in my everyday role within the First Response team where I am dealing with clients on a daily basis who display a range of challenging, resistant behaviour or who are desperate for help and need help unpicking the issues and identifying the right support.

So, everything I have learnt today is perfect for making me a better social worker and a better all-round communicator and helping my clients feel supported and empowered without feeling interrogated!

Thank you. It was a thoroughly enjoyable 2 days.”


“Hugely knowledgeable and experienced trainer able to demonstrate and model what he was teaching at every point. Brilliantly interactive and engaging. As a learner I found this to be really challenging and really supportive. The methodology supported the learning, very powerfully. I loved that this is a humanistic and relational approach to working with people and the approach mirrored the learning.

I have understood the power of the language we use when working with people, for a long time. I feel now that I have more understanding and more strategies. I know these need practise, but I do have confidence to try – starting tomorrow!

Thank you Steven.”


“Very good engaging training – the activities in breakout rooms was very good in embedding the learning from the power-points. I liked how there was lots of opportunities to practice the learning, Steven was a great trainer!”


“A fantastic, engaging training experience with humour and insight that will positively impact on my practice and on the outcomes of the young people and colleagues that I work alongside. On behalf of my school, thank you so much.”


“The training has been interesting and enjoyable it has provided me with lots of tools that I know I can implement in my practice, especially when I work with young people and residential staff along with foster carers. I really like the 6-step change which I know I will use a lot with young people. Thank you for your time it has been enjoyable and you have made it fun with your little examples and antidotes.”


“I found the delivery of the course content to be concise and clear and the practice sessions in the breakout rooms allowed some time to embed the theory into practice. Steven ensured that the course was enjoyable and everyone on the course was included in discussion. I am keen to put these skills into practice, thank you.”


“Brilliant two days of training!! I learned so many new things that I will definitely be using within my role. Steven is very engaging, funny and the best trainer I have had since doing my current role. I would hopefully like to attend the intermediate training when it is available. The rest of the team were great too. Thanks Steven you were wonderful.”