"Great session - a mandatory interactive session for all - get people talking!!" Respect / Inclusion

You may be wondering what on Earth the picture above is all about. I drew the picture for one of the learners from Wolverhampton Council. I asked Kellie what she would like and she said, make me super! So, I plonked for the 80s era Marvel superhero Captain Marvel one of the very few black superheroes out there. Marvel were ahead of the game with Monica, (now called Spectrum I believe) and Kellie loved it. Isn't it amazing that young people of today have superheroes that reflect them and their lives? Representation not tokenism - that's what we need.

If you'd like me to draw you - do give me a tinkle!

I'd just like to share a little piece of feedback that I received from an amazing learner from Birmingham City Council. Sita attended my Respect and Inclusion session yesterday and she was exceptional. It was a real admiration society!

"Some good real-life examples used to emphasise understanding in the topics raised.

I learnt a lot more on the ‘sexuality and the law topic’ and of the different meanings such as

A sexual, internal/external feelings & expression.

I understood the objectives of the training and the quotes and scenarios used around

stereotyping and prejudice attitudes supported the learning. Evaluating and excepting we all

have in innate unconscious prejudgement that is learned by past experiences, others and

external influences such as the media.

Good information on quotes given at relevant points in all topics and the names and links on

information if required for further learning or research.

My learning improved and I wouldn’t have minded the session to be longer as it covers such

a wide area of topics, especially the protected EA 2010 characteristics as we all have the

freedom to speak without judgement and intention to not cause harm due to the nature of

learning. It would be interesting if steps were used to follow on how to ‘unlearn’ negative

attitudes and approaches by explaining ‘why’ something said’ may be offensive,

unintentionally harmful and relearn/teach new ways of using the correct terminology without

making people feel like they are a bad person. That positivity will always be carried forward.

People should also feel confident to ask if unsure; why something may be offensive, which I

feel is equally as important.

Great session should be a mandatory interactive session for all – get people talking!!

Thank you."