‘Generating Positive Purpose’ Essential Collaboration with Birmingham City Council

Greetings one and all,

I have some splendid feedback to share with you, re: my Essential Collaboration course. Some of you lovely people have asked what the course entails and to share the aims and objectives and who am I to argue. The course was created, bespoke, for Birmingham City Council as the last part of their Future Leaders learning programme. To write that it has been a success, is an understatement and I have LOVED creating and delivering something that is very different from my usual oeuvre.

So here are the aims and objectives:


The aim of this session is to equip you with the ability to deal constructively, persuasively and compassionately when working collaboratively with others in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session all learners will have:

• Described what is meant by ‘essential collaboration.’

• Explained how to connect with team members using emotional intelligence.

• Described the need to avoid non-empathic responses to colleagues.

• Examined how to cultivate a collaborative approach.

• Explored ‘lingo bingo’ and plain English.

• Determined their role in the team.

• Explored how to stop defensiveness and build purpose building behaviours.

• Recognised the need for efficiency through connection (no matter the distance.)

And here is the wonderful feedback from the assembled managers.

“Thanks for today Steven, really useful and interesting. I really appreciated the level of preparation Steven went to in advance of the course to ensure it ran smoothly and was engaging. It was useful that he had a public sector background and could relate to how the Council operates.”


“Thank for delivering the course today Steven. It was very informative, and I learnt a lot. Thank you for your delivery style which kept me upbeat throughout the day. I have really enjoyed the day with you. The interactive sessions made a refreshing change and I was able to work with peers. It was great meeting you today and you are lovely too 😊”


“Thank you for your time that you invested in me today. It has been a very good training session. Engagement helped with cameras on. I think keeping the cameras on should be made mandatory.

Steven was quite engaging and his training was very practical with live examples which made it relatable. Thank you.”


“Thanks Steve. A great interactive session. Informative session with good opportunities for interaction with the trainer and collaborative working with colleagues on the course. Timed perfectly.”


“Really great session today, Steven was very engaging and kept the energy going throughout the day. I have learnt lots of new skills and how to deal with certain scenarios. Thank you for the session today, it was very informative and I learnt lots!”


“I just wanted to say what a great day it’s been, often these types of training can be very dry but your personality and style of presenting has made it really worthwhile and means that I have taken much more away today. Thank you!”


“Great Course, really enjoyed the interactive elements, and will definitely put the learning into practice. Thanks, for the session today. Really enjoyed it.”


“This is the most informative and interactive Future Leader training I have been on.

Very relaxing yet full if wonderful ideas.”