“Fabulous training!" Compulsive Hoarding with staff from Concrete June 2022

Greetings one and all,

My course, ‘Trapped and Drowning in My Things’ Compulsive Hoarding has been totally revamped for 2022 and now includes new training films and resources. I’ve also updated all of the case studies so that they reflect people who relapsed back into hoarding behaviour during the pandemic. Plus, I now have a wealth of robust evidence to demonstrate the support staff from Stoke on Trent City Council, Staffordshire County Council and Birmingham City Council are doing to support customers who are struggling with hoarding compulsion. I have continued to work with customers across the Midlands and beyond who have hoarding issues. Lockdown had a terribly negative effect on plenty of people, especially people who had a compulsion to acquire more and more things.

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and training the troops from Honeycomb Group. Staff who are working tirelessly to ensure people are housed, supported and encouraged to engage in positive life choices. The assembled learners were all clearly engaged and motivated to learn – yes even over online training. Initially we were classroom based and then one thing led to another… However, as you can see from the feedback, all the staff enjoyed the training and appreciated my interactive session via the wonders of Zoom.

We spent the day learning and discussing the causes and the effects of hoarding compulsion along with the pragmatic / hands on support options that can help customers face up to their issue.

“Fabulous training! Trainer was very engaging and made the session fun and interactive. The main reason for asking Leah to book this course was so that our frontline staff can feel more confident in supporting individuals who are hoarding and learn ways in which to communicate and offer possible solutions. The training is just what we needed and the Team have been asking for such training for a while. Thanks Steve!!”

Rachael (Operations Manager)

“Amazing training. I usually don’t keep engagement on zoom trainings, but you kept me engaged the whole way through. I learnt lots that I can take forward and would like to get involved in the motivational interviewing training too. I look forward to receiving all the information especially the clutter ratings. The only bit that I would change is the 1st video is a bit mixed up going in from one customer to another. I was getting confused with what customer was talking.”

Nichola (Housing Officer)

“Training was excellent, I found it very informative, and it will help me with a customer I am supporting in the area. i find Steven’s training enjoyable and full of information which is helpful in my line of work. It always good to attend training to refresh and reflect. You never stop learning in my line of support. Thank you for today, as usual the training was brilliant.”

Heather (Tenancy Support Practitioner)

“I have never had any training around hoarding, and it was thoroughly interesting and informative. I have learnt lots from today’s session. Steven is a great at delivering training and I hope to have more training sessions with him in the future.”

Dean (Team Leader)

“Very informative training and will be useful to use DESC/SMART. I really enjoyed the training and gained a lot from it. Thanks again.”

Simon (Tenancy Sustainment Officer)

“I have learnt a lot doing this course and it was interesting to complete. Steve used humour which always helps, he was helpful and knowledgeable on the subject. The resources will be really useful to keep looking back to for support and the extra websites will come in handy. Many thanks.”

Jennifer (Service Co-ordinator)

“Thank you so much for today. I would love to learn more about techniques in the future. I really enjoyed it.”

Jayne (Tenancy Sustainment Officer)