"Fabulous, entertaining training." Heading into 2021 with new research, new ideas, new adventures

Greetings faithful readers of the Steven Talbot blog,

It has been a super busy start to 2021 and you can’t say fairer than that. I do miss the classroom and actually being with people and I also recognise that isn’t going to be a thing for quite a while yet. Thus, I’ve been creating on-line Zoom and Teams training events that have been going down a storm. 100% positive feedback with that oft quoted ‘inspirational’ word being banded around. That always makes me rather happy!

As you are probably aware, learner feedback means a great deal to me. It’s not about my finding my ‘sense of worth’ in others opinions, it’s about knowing that my training is having an impact and also taking the comments, reflecting and creating even better learning activities leading to better outcomes for staff.

Since the start of the year, I’ve worked with Staffordshire Police, East Cheshire Council, Voices of Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Wolverhampton Council and Liverpool University.

Here is a smidgeon of the lovely learner observations:

“I can honestly say I have really enjoyed the training provided by Steven today, he was welcoming and very easy to talk to. The course will help me to streamline my working practices when working with young people and families and will help to reduce some of the resistance, that I sometimes experience from families who do not want to work with our service. I will be using the resources from the course to format how I work and capture information that support the assessments that I need to complete, I feel that this course should be undertaken by more members of the Children and young people frontline workers to build a robust consistent approach. I would happily undertake more training with Steven should any other courses become available. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us as a group it really makes a difference to have a facilitator that understands the challenges of working in this field.” Paulette

“Very interactive training and included all people within the training. Steven was very engaging and knowledgeable. The content in the presentation was very helpful and not overwhelming. Enjoyed the lived experience examples. Enabled me to reflective on my own practice, Steven ensured everyone gets involved and included everyone in discussions. Considering the difficulty of delivering presentations virtually - The delivery of presentation was fantastic.” Satvir

“Genuinely the most interesting, informative and engaging training that I have taken part in for years! Thank you Steven.” Penny

“I really enjoyed this training – I found Steven inspirational, informative and passionate about the topic. It has inspired me to strive to use the skills he has taught me more in my line of work. The topics were approached in a sensitive but interesting way – and the anecdotes were moving and continually reminded me of the reasons why the skills were being taught and why I chose my career. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative, thank you very much Steven – I hope to see you on more courses!” Katie

“Thank you for a great 2 days. I feel that I have gained so much from this course and look forward to being able to use it for some of those more challenging conversations. Steven was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It was an intense 2 days but made easier with Steven getting to know each one of us and involving the whole group from start to finish. The tasks were thought provoking and very relevant to my work role. I never felt intimidated or put on the spot – (a huge plus for a course for me!) Thank you for the opportunity to share your knowledge and learn the skills of Motivational Interviewing. Definitely feeling motivated!” Jennie

“Fabulous entertaining training which has made me reflect how I can change how I speak/listen to people to get the best voice of the customer to meet their needs and get the right outcome for them. I just need to keep practicing now. I really liked the six step change and will keep a copy on my desk and fridge for work and home life.” Ali

"A very engaging session which gave some brilliant information that will bring us closer together as a team.

Steven was amazing, very uplifting and fun! The atmosphere was relaxed and inviting and we all had the opportunity to get to know one another in a different way. Sometimes it’s hard to get to know colleagues outside of their professional self and I think getting to know people personally helps us to understand one another better.

Thank you for a fantastic session!" Katie