Empathy Fatigue with Saint John Fisher Catholic Academy November 2021

Greetings one and all,

Last week I delivered my ‘Empathy Fatigue – embracing rational compassion’ training to the very school I attended as a teenager, blimey it was a blast from the past! It was also wonderful to meet such a lovely group of committed, hard-working and obviously dedicated members of staff who are going through a very tough time at the moment. I won’t write about the tragic situation situation here (it’s a non-academic issue and very personal to the school and the families) but all of the staff, led by the giant that is acting head teacher; Garrett Murray have shown compassion, honestly and above all integrity. There is no shortage of compassion at that establishment.

Onward, ever onward I say.

Here are a few snippets of feedback from the training, which as always garnered some lovely comments: cheers to my old alma mater.

“It made me stop and think about myself. Both taking care of myself and how my actions affect others.”

“Fantastic online training. Very well organised and planned, evident in delivery. Completely engaged throughout with interesting examples given to demonstrate application of knowledge and concepts, which is always very helpful. Loved the combined visual tools throughout to support delivery, including slides with your own pictures and own videos with local people making the training very relevant and interesting. Breakout rooms to work in smaller groups and with different people was very helpful to share thoughts and ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed the session and a huge thank you Steven. Would love to attend more training delivered by you! Today was very relevant, helpful and inspiring now and for the future.”

“Thanks so much for a great training session. I really enjoyed the subject and the presenter Steven. This will help me in my day to day work at our wonderful school. I am going to Look to listen more and be ever present rather than listening to my inner voice. I will definitely ensure I am working towards the Important – Not Urgent priorities. I do have a lack of confidence in my communication and will plan to work on this too.”

“I enjoyed the training today. It does make you realise that you need to make more time for yourself. Lots of good quotes and meanings to look back at. Easy to understand.”

“Thank you for the course, I found it informative and helpful. The delivery on the training was very professional and inclusive.”

“Thanks for an informative and eye-opening introduction to a number of different areas related to emotional fatigue. Your grounded examples and practical approach was refreshing. Good Zoom skills - congrats on that one.”

“I have found todays training day extremely informative and beneficial. I found the Urgency Index exercise particularly eye opening and useful, for my own practice and to recognise when others are potentially struggling. The First Thing First discussion was also of great benefit to discuss with colleagues, to see how other colleagues work and how jobs can differ. PS – I need more information on your murder mystery events? Thank you for a great day! It was engaging, comical and relatable and I enjoyed learning about your various ventures.”