Empathy Fatigue Training - "The course was so beneficial."

So, what on Earth do I mean by ‘Empathy Fatigue?’

Lots of people ask me about the course, they have heard the phrase, they’ve given it a moment’s thought but they’re a tad confused by the actual concept. Time moves on and meanwhile staff are more and more fatigued….

Let me explain:

Inability to care is a negative consequence of repeated exposure to stressful and traumatic events and can manifest both emotionally and physically.

Our ability to relate to and care for others (aka empathy) is a limited resource and if we drain that resource, we can end up feeling some pretty negative emotions. Empathy fatigue is a defence mechanism and is your body’s way of telling you to pay attention and to take a step back to care for yourself.

I deliver the course to local authorities, police forces, universities and schools and colleges.

My one-day training programme will help learners to look at empathy fatigue, spot the signs, take action and realise why it is important to discuss these issues.

I’ve collated together some pretty glorious examples of learner feedback that I received from Staffordshire Police, do take a look and ponder whether your staff require some Empathy Fatigue training from me. I'm really rather good you know.

“I just want to say how great I think Steve is at what he does, very motivational, delivers it so we keep interested and has really made me think about life in general and how to change for the better… I have learned a lot of new skills and will use these not just in work life but personal life also. The course was so beneficial. THANK YOU.” Andy

“This course covered the subject really well, and I was really pleased that steven could relate the examples to the real world because of his experiences, unlike other training I have been on where the trainer has not got a clue about the challenges we sometime face and then the course feel pointless. Slides were informative, easy to follow. Topics were well covered with ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss in small groups. I would feel much happier to identify this in myself and take time to ask myself questions, I would also be much more confident to talk this through with my colleagues. Please don’t change anything!” Stacey

“Very interactive course leaving me with much to think about and soak in. Any future events with Steven please sign me up !! :D” Beth

“It was sent up as training for my role but I know that I have previously had empathy fatigue in my role and I was interested to know more. It gave me more of an insight to help myself. I need to think about me more and how important it is to think about my needs. Thank you Steven.” Caroline

“I thought the training we really well delivered and was very interesting and made me see things differently.” Chris

“I wanted a better understanding of how to manage my limits when it comes to both work and my personal life. Steven’s training courses are always fantastic and informative. Colleagues had recommended the course to me and I was not disappointed. It has helped me to better understand when I am reaching the point of empathy fatigue/burnout and ways to manage myself and expectations to prevent this. I feel like I am better equipped to recognise when I am trying to deal with too much without some intervention.” Katie

“The trainer (steven) style was informal but informative and engaging encouraging everyone to participate. Trainer came across as approachable. Liked use of exercises to complete in groups and slides and videos. Would recommend this course be made available throughout the organisation.

I believe this training could prove useful in day to day dealing with pubic as part of current role and enable me to identify potential signs of empathy fatigue not just in dealing with other people through work, but also with colleagues and for myself. The training provided an insight into this topic with good examples of the subject along with exercises to complete to highlight signs and also how this can become detrimental to an individual’s performance and productivity within their roles.” Raina

“I feel that I will be able to take a lot of the techniques in to daily work and help to avoid getting overly stressed about work. (I could have done with this training 12 months ago!) I feel that using the techniques I will be better at dealing with the public and be more comfortable with saying no where I need to. I feel a lot more confident in being able to work and dealing with demand.” Richard