Empathy Fatigue - Embracing Rational Compassion

Over the past week, I've been delivering several online training sessions. My brand new Rational Compassion course has been a real hit, with 100% positive feedback. Some learners have remarked on how I've created a truly interactive learning environment. Lovely to read the comments and once I've collated them, you'll be able to peruse them at your leisure.

As I'm sure you are aware, a big part of my USP is my skill in creating bespoke interactive training films. Included in my new 'Empathy Fatigue' training course is the short film above. Rob Caton plays the part of the harassed worker, whose inner voice is constantly there, always rising to the surface, threatening to swamp his feelings. My learners have all remarked on how the film makes them both laugh and think! Always a good thing.

Rob and I filmed it while still maintaining social distancing and when you give it a watch, you'll see that my judicious editing skills have come in very handy. Yes folks, for most of the production we weren't actually in the same room together. It pays to be a film maker and to know all about pulling focus!

Please do continue to message and drop me a line when you require a chat or would like to book some innovative, thought provoking and entertaining learning. I've been researching a whole host of new projects and over the next few weeks brings me (virtually) to Birmingham Council, Wolverhampton Council, Liverpool University, Staffordshire County Council, Staffordshire Police and the true greats that are: Voices of Stoke.

And then.... It's onward and upward int 2021. Stay safe folks.