“Brilliant and inspirational training by a brilliant and inspirational tutor." Inspiring Change

Over the last two days I have been training with the Family and Adolescent Support Team (FAST) from Stoke-on-Trent City Council. It has been absolute delight, with the clearly engaged learners discussing how they wish to engage with children, young people, carers, and families to encourage positive change.

Throughout the Motivational Interviewing (MI) training we looked at how to inspire change behaviour.

The session was created bespoke to the needs of the team, and they thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the training films represented people from Stoke-on-Trent. Real voices, real people, real lives impacted by the positive steps undertaken by the City Council.

Over the two days we:

Described the principles behind MI.

Explored ambivalence and how to reduce resistance and sustain talk.

Explained the reasons to avoid SMOG language.

Explored scaling.

Discovered where dangerous assumptions can lead.

Explored the theory of ‘roadblocks.’

Described the importance of open questions that avoid ‘why.’

Analysed what is meant by ‘active listening’ as defined by Carl Rogers.

Explored ‘change talk’ and boosting the intrinsic need for change.

Took part in Motivational Interviewing.

To say that I was blown away by their enthusiasm and motivation would be an understatement. I haven’t laughed so much in days and it’s getting to the point (these days) where online training is very much the new normal, thus I was heartening to read they loved my interactive approach to the subject – you have to love Zoom!

Here is a selection of the learner comments and as you can see I’m very happy with what they have to write about the sessions.

“The training was incredible – Steven was engaging, he was able to interact with all of the group and encourage positive debate, reflection and active listening. I haven’t been on training that has engaged my brain so much for at least over a year now. It is very difficult to complete online training and get people to feel fully interactive yet Steven is able to do this. Fantastic humour, knowledge and strategies given during the training! A well spent 2 days!”


“Steven delivered the training to a very high standard and presented it well. Very knowledgeable and great training.”


“This was the most enjoyable, informative and interactive training I have ever completed. Thank you for the best training days EVER!!!!!!!!!!Thank you so very much Steven.”


“I really enjoyed the two days, thank you so much!! It was informative, thought provoking and engaging. I can tell that Steve is very knowable and a passionate agent for change. Also the way about him was great. Thanks again would recommend and would certainly like to attend other training ran by Steve.”


“Steven is knowledgeable and engaging and made the training thoroughly enjoyable. Virtual training has been difficult during the pandemic, however, this training was still very interactive which for me makes learning easier and more fun. Steven’s range of resources including films and drawings were excellent and again made the training more interesting and engaging. Steven put me at ease when completing some of the activities that I was a bit more unsure of and explained without judgement. Motivational interviewing is definitely something that I will continue to practice and implement in my practice and I now feel more confident in doing so. Thank you.”


“Brilliant and inspirational training by a brilliant and inspirational tutor. Thank you very much Steven.”


“I found the training really engaging and informative, I really enjoyed the tasks and interactions and feel that I am coming away feeling that I have learnt a lot that I could use within my practice. Steven kept me interested and focused throughout the two days despite it being online training. Best training that I have been on in a long time, thank you!”


“Thanks Steve a really fun way of learning. I will be using this training and will be reflecting back with the families I work with. I love the HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHO. I will try and never use SHOULD, MUST, OUGHT or GOT. I will use the Six change plan for myself to make changes to my own fitness plan and with the young people I work with. We have had a laugh and I think that always helps when training. George xx”


“Very interesting to learn a different way of communicating with families; lots of opportunities to use this in our practice. Very nice to have the opportunity to spend two days together as a team. Very easy and relaxed training environment, thank you. 😊”


“The training over the last 2 days has been amazing. Over the last year it has been so strange to change how we do training but this has been different all together and has kept me engaged throughout the last 2 days. Steven is knowledgeable and has kept the training interesting and energetic to ensure we have gained what we needed to achieve. I have learnt so much and will take this forward into my job and working with the children and families. Thank you again.”