"Absolutely fantastic" Inspiring Change with Birmingham City Council

Greetings one and all,

During the month of November I’ve been working with the staff from Birmingham City Council’s Housing Solutions Team. We’ve had a wonderful time and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different demands that the second city brings to the local authority. Feedback has duly been collated and as you can see, it’s 100% positive – would it be anything but? Of course not! And if it was, well, I’d reflect and up my game. I’m absolutely loving working with this team as they are totally committed to housing everyone and eradicating homelessness from the streets of Birmingham.

“The overall training was absolutely fantastic, never a dull/ boring moment. As all delivered training I personally would of preferred it to be face to face. These past few days has been inspiring and motivating. On a scale from 1- 10 (1 being not useful and 10 being highly useful) I rate this training session as a 10. I can now put my learning into practice. Thank you (I need this.)”


“Hi Steve thanks for another brilliant training/informative session.Enjoyable and informative sessions. Right amount of time to discuss issues raised with colleagues and to go through feedback.”


“I would like to thank you for this week thorough and well organized training. The material was very interesting, helpful and specific to my role as housing solution and support casework. It was extremely engaging; which I feel you take in a lot more and develop understanding. Hope to see you again for more training.”


“I found the session very informative, I felt that it was useful especially the paraphrasing as it gave me a chance to practice how, effective relaying information back to a client helps them to understand that you are engaged and listening to them.”


“I found the training to be very informative, learned a lot and will be of use in my current role of employment. The videos and scenarios helped the learning process and put things in context.”


“Thank you for the Inspiring Change training, I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and have learnt so much. I have found the Inspiring Change training extremely interesting and informative and has helped me to gain new skills and knowledge that I can put into practice to complete my job role more effectively. The tasks completed were very relevant to my work in homelessness and based on real life situations and required individual participation and working in teams. I will refer to the course training materials in my everyday work life to help deepen my knowledge. Steven encouraged everyone to participate in group discussions and was a brilliant trainer and very knowledgeable and experienced and I would highly recommend this training to other work colleagues.”