2021, I'm ready for you, here we go... And breathe

Well here we are, 2021 and work wise it's going great guns and personally yet again we're trapped in our homes. Which is starting to grate on my nerves... When oh when will it all end? I'm keeping to my social isolation and enjoying training via my newly constructed home office. The only snag is that I miss meeting people, yes actual people. It's all well and good chatting via Zoom and Teams but nothing quite beats real human interaction.

Anyhow, this morning, I got these two rather lovely pieces of feedback, which lifted my spirits somewhat.

"The training was well presented in an engaging fun, non-judgmental way and was inclusive of everyone. The videos gave a good understanding of how to approach the situation and how NOT to. Content was relevant, insightful and gave me a good understanding of how to respond effectively for positive outcomes and to improve the clients relationship with professionals and their quality of living. Really enjoyed the training and felt I have taken some useful information from it to support my FSW. Thanks Steve."

Angela, Staffordshire County Council

"Steven is very knowledgeable on the subject. The course although different being online was a good mixture of group discussion, exercises and videos. I found the anecdotal information that Steven shared particularly interesting and gave the session more ‘colour’. I look forward to the session when face to face training is re-introduced."

Wendy, YMCA

Onward and upward chaps! Onward and upward!