It's back to work we go! Well... socially distanced, but it's work!

Greetings one and all,

I've finally managed to put finger to keyboard and produce one of my handy-dandy blog posts.

We WILL return to life pre-pandemic (one day) and when that day comes I'll be celebrating with a Talbot unsolicited hug! Social distance be damned, we all need some human contact. These Zoom and Microsoft Team meetings just don't have that va-va-voom required. It's all about the human interaction, the human moment, the shared stories, not the buffering and the 'hold on, didn't quite catch that.'

Here at Talbot Towers I've been busy (and ill!) creating brand new courses for two local authorities and Staffordshire Police. This coming week will see me step inside a classroom for the first time in nearly six months. I'm sure I'll be exhausted by 5pm, I mean, I'm used to pausing for Classic Emmerdale and copious cups of tea. It will be odd and it may be strange, but I absolutely refuse to allow this to be the new normal.

Now that I'm fighting fit (AND slim!) again I will be upping the remote training and also looking at training venues where we can actually be together, without being TOO together, yep? On heck, it'll be Christmas soon, bring on 2021 and hopefully, happy days and the publishing of my crime thriller, oh yes, I've been a very busy boy indeed....