A 2020 Corona update from Steven Talbot

Hello all,

It’s been a while and I do hope all of you are well. I’m afraid I was one of the many who managed to catch Covid 19, so I hope you’ve not succumbed to the Corona virus and if you have that you’ve recovered. I’m fighting fit again and keeping myself busy with copious drawings, which I’ll be sharing (Oh yes), researching and reading, creating new courses and keeping myself entertained. I’ve made a few short films, (how I miss my other actors) and I’ve created an animated film for the police force. So, I’m definitely keeping busy. It’s really thrown 2020 into a curve-ball and to tell you the honest truth, it’s given me a lot of time to reflect and rebuild. It looks like I’ll be returning to the training room in late September / October and obviously if plans and strategies change, then I’ll be changing along with them.

Just a short update and thank you for the lovely messages you wonderful people.

See you on the other side of Covid 19.

Happy days will be here again.