"This was the most engaging training I have been on for many years." Cheshire East Council

I recently completed two days training with the wonderful troops at Cheshire East Council, my ‘Inspiring Change’ course went down a storm, especially the bespoke films that I created for them. In preparation for the course, I consulted with several customers and service users across Cheshire. I think it is of paramount importance that trainers and educators meet and interact with real people in the real world and share their stories. The learners really enjoyed discussing and describing how they would engage with and support the various citizens of Cheshire into positive lifestyle changes.

I am returning to East Cheshire in a week’s time for more training, again, bespoke to them and dealing with such matters as:

Effective facial recording when dealing with young people

Compulsive hoarding

And my new course: ‘Getting them in, keeping them there’ engaging young people into education.

Learner feedback was 100% positive and it was heart-warming hearing such fantastic comments.

“Steven, this was the most engaging training I have been on for many years. So lovely to have a trainer who is passionate about his subject and who practices what he is sharing in the ‘real world.’ I am looking forward to the next time with you.” Helen

“This was one of the best courses I have ever attended, full of information and useful techniques.” Kevin

“Highly informative session, I’m likely to embed this in my job role.” John

“Absolutely fabulous course, I now feel skilled to use a variety of motivation techniques. Superb delivery, interesting and dynamic presentation. It was a delight to learn from a professional.” Helen

“An excellent mix of anecdotes to supplement learning, lots of resources and very interactive. I feel reinvigorated, I think I can now work more effectively with ‘stuck’ cases. Thank you.” Eryn

“Informative and thought provoking, I can’t wait to start using the skills with care leavers. Thank you Steven.” Jackie

“Insightful course in how to empower and engage service users.” Nathalie

“Really informative and entertaining training which kept me engaged and I can utilise the skills straight away. I will practice to improve my skills and this will benefit the people that I am working with. I believe this course will affect positive outcomes and positive changes. I definitely feel motivated to motivate!” Paula

“A brilliant two-day course. Steven was a fantastic trainer who has kept me engaged throughout and inspired me to put my learning into practice.” Lynette

“Well delivered training, engaging and a really good environment to learn in. I would like to know more and will be trying hard to practice these new skills.” Suzanne

“Really engaging training, there were lots of useful and useable tools for everyday practice.” Sally

“Very practical, lots of laughter, useful films and positive to give time to practice, thank you.” Karen

“Great two-day course, with lots of things that can be used in the future. Great resources, examples and case studies. Thank you.” Jenny

“Great! Very humorous and thought provoking. Can’t wait to put what I have learned into practice with service users, especially the teenagers.” Julia

“Informative, thought-provoking, fun and inspiring!” Jacqui

“Great course, lots of fun!” Rebecca

“This was a very good course, thank you.” Gail

“Good use of visuals and case studies and consistent models and frames of reference. Additionally, this course was delivered in a friendly and inclusive environment.” Sally