“Exceptional training and delivery by Steve."  Inspiring Change 2020 with Staffordshire Police

I recently completed my ‘Inspiring Change’ course with Staffordshire Police. Thanks to PCSO Simon Jones I was able to create bespoke films that certainly entertained and educated the masses, so thanks for that Simon, we all know there’s an actor struggling to get out of that uniform!

The course was an individualised Motivational Interviewing (MI) course tailored to Staffordshire Police. Feedback has been exceptionally positive, which always helps. We looked at our professional values and how important they are within the workplace and when working with members of the public. We also looked at how to inspire people into change behaviour and embrace a new life style or different lifestyle choices.

The learners were all uniformly motivated and engaged across the training days; with the oft quoted, ‘Steven you’re an inspiration’ floating around, I do so love a compliment. The learners in turn were clearly learning and were more than happy to throw themselves into each and every activity. They supported one another and it was very rewarding hearing they supported one another through the various learning tasks.

Here are some of the learner comments, as you can no doubt imagine, all of the feedback was 100% positive:

“The training was interactive and dynamic. It has really given me a boost in my job role.” Lesley

“Fantastic training, really informative and Steven kept it interesting, I had no idea what motivational interviewing was before this training, so thank you!” Heather

“Brilliant course, when’s the next one with Steve! Get me on it! 😊” Costas

“I have greatly enjoyed this course and have learned a lot over the two days of training. The trainer was approachable and clearly an expert in his field.” Deborah

“EXCELLENT. The training was well delivered and relevant to my job.” Keith

“Fantastic training, great trainer and interesting to listen and understand the subject.” Simon

“Very informative training, knowledge of the subject was A+. Steven made me feel at ease and I learned a difficult subject in an easy, interactive way. Thank you.” Beth

“Exceptional training and delivery by Steve. Really enjoyed both days and felt involved.” Rob

“Fun and interactive and informative, I learned a lot.” Alison

“Very enjoyable course and informative.” Annette

“Entertaining with no one feeling uncomfortable or on the spot. Everything was relevant and no time wasted.” Mark

“Very relevant, well delivered and applicable. Engaging. Absolutely fabulous!!” Ged

“Absolutely brilliant.” Hilary

“Brilliant as always, we all need a bit of Steven in our lives, thoroughly enjoyed the training.” Amy

“Excellent learning environment, fun, interactive and a great way to learn.” Wendy

“Steven was very captivating and easy to follow, engage with and he kept us all entertained! The information and training was all relevant to my job.” Anon