“The best two-day course I have been on in a long while." Inspiring Change 2020 with Cheshire E

Can this be correct? It’s blog number two already!

Well, I’m a busy bee at the moment (always room for more, so do get in touch,) the following blog is a short update of my work with Cheshire East Council. I recently created a bespoke ‘Inspiring Change’ – Motivational Interviewing two-day course for them. As you can see from the comments, the learners were certainly enthused.

Below I have listed the aim and objectives of the course, as with all of my training there were several bespoke films, made especially for people from East Cheshire. I interviewed several residents from Crewe, Macclesfield and the surrounding area and the finished films most definitely tell their stories.

Aim: By the completion of this course you will have clear over-view of what Motivational Interviewing (MI) is and how to begin putting it into practice.

Objectives: By the end of training, you will have:

  1. Described the principles behind Motivational Interviewing

  2. Explored ambivalence and how to reduce resistance and sustain talk

  3. Described your professional values

  4. Explained cycles of change and virtuous and vicious cycles

  5. Described the importance of open questions that avoid ‘why’

  6. Analysed what is meant by ‘active listening’ as defined by Carl Rogers

  7. Explored ‘change talk’ and boosting the intrinsic need for change

  8. Described the various reflection techniques used within Motivational Interviewing

  9. Taken part in Motivational Interviewing with zero role play! (Yay!)


“Steven kept my interest throughout. He delivered a lot of material and gave lots of opportunity to practice the skills being learnt. The material was very detailed and will act as an important reference. Many, many thanks.” Colette

“Excellent two days training! Steven made me feel very welcome and valued and liked which was lovely. I learnt a lot to go and now work on, I was also amazingly reassured that I am doing (mostly) the right thing! I never looked at the clock once during training.” Helen

“Useful training course, fantastic prep and engaging delivery from Steven. Brilliant range of resources, thank you.” Lisa

“The best two-day course I have been on in a long while. I left feeling truly motivated and enthused. Interesting, useful to fully support with my career and day to day work. Excellent resources. Thank you Steven.” Laura

“The course was inspiring and Steven inspirational. I enjoyed the stories and short films to reinforce learning. Thank you also for my positive feedback.” Jayme

“Steven is engaging and inspiring, he had a lot of examples from his own experiences to bring change into people’s lives. Excellent.” Louise

“Great course, I am looking forward to using the skills to improve my practice and support people into change.” Simon

“A great course, Steven was very engaging and insightful. Lots to think about, this training has definitely informed my practice.” Diana

“Really useful, I will use the techniques when working with students to motivate and listen to them better.” Sarah

“Vibrant and energetic training. Steven held everyone’s attention for the full two days. He gave various examples which helped evidence how to put learning into practice.” Tyler

“The training was fantastic, Steven is so knowledgeable, thank you.” Becky