2020 Online Courses - fun, interactive and a little bit different!

Greetings faithful readers of the Steven Talbot blog, I’m back with a small update. Some folks have been inquiring which courses I now deliver online and I’ve made a none exhaustive list for you, along with the length of time your learners will require to complete the course.

So here goes:

  • ‘Trapped and Drowning in My Things’ – Compulsive Hoarding. I’ve created a fully interactive version that lasts for three hours (taught) and then some activities for the learners to go away and put into practice. I’ve also created some online resources and as part of the course, later in the day (post Covid 19) I’ll pop along and do a practical masterclass for the learners too. This way they are getting both the theory and the practical elements to the course.

  • ‘Inspiring Change’ – Motivational Interviewing. I’ve created an online version that is a whole day (with plenty of breaks.) This requires separate rooms for the learners so that I can pair them up and also place them in groups of four, so works well on Zoom and if you have the grand version of Microsoft Teams, we can just about manage it! Again, this is a practical course, with lots of theory and practice involved. I’ll pop along (post Covid 19) and also complete a practical session for the troops.

  • ‘Keeping Afloat’ – Working alone and remaining safe. Which is delivered over three hours. The aim of this session is equip staff with the skills to remain safe when working alone. There are also handy-dandy tips for working from home and keeping the brain ticking over and not drowning in social media mania and ‘it’s the end of the world as we know it’ thinking!

  • 'Is it me or is it you?!' – Working with Potential Aggression. This is a three-hour masterclass in de-escalation with lots of examples and group work for the team to work on together. Have no fear – still no role play, it’s all practical and hands on and great fun.

There will be plenty more courses, these are just the ones I’m concentrating on until the new year and as always they will be bespoke for each audience. I’ve had some lovely messages from folks and it has been great to finally get back out there, metaphorically, after all, I’m still in my office, (my best back bedroom) creating new learning resources and meeting your needs. Although I won’t actually BE in Telford, Crewe, Birmingham, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Derby, etc. I’m there in spirit just behind a screen and scrambling to get Microsoft Teams to play a film, without a judder! Oh 2020, when will you ever end? Take it easy and see you on the other side.