Recommendation from University of Liverpool, Autumn 2019, Steven Talbot Consultancy

Throughout 2019 I've been assisting the University of Liverpool with various staff training courses. The fantastic folks at CEDS (that's the 'Centre of Educational Development and Support' to you and me) have written a cracking article about me. The original article is attached at the bottom of the page and here are the highlights from the Centre of Educational Development and Support newsletter:

Have you ever been on the wrong end of someone’s temper and found it difficult to handle? Do you struggle when managing those difficult conversations with people who, are known for inducing fierce emotions and tricky questions? Whether it’s a student, a parent, a colleague or family member, we’ve all experienced these high-pressured situations and could probably benefit from some expert advice.

That’s why earlier this year, CEDs were delighted to fund Steven Talbot’s enlightening training, ‘Dealing with Potential Aggression’. Ninety-two student-facing Professional Services Staff members took part, with the aim to develop their ability in dealing appropriately with challenging conversations in the workplace. With 100% positive feedback from participants, we wanted to take this chance to share our experiences.

Staff were extremely impressed by the trainer Steven Talbot, who takes a unique and passionate approach to learning, with the aim of leaving participants feeling confident, positive and informed. He presented real-life situations through a series of playful exercises and games, with the help of some kinaesthetic learning tools. Participants went back to school as they modelled playdough and Velcro through a constructive exchange of ideas. Here’s what they had to say…

“Useful tools to use in the workplace AND everyday life. Trainer was fantastic and very captivating”

“Very informative, lots of techniques to deal with challenges and encounters with students and families. It was good to look at how we can refocus the conversation into a more productive outcome”

“The training was the best, most engaging training I’ve been on in fifteen years. The trainer was incredibly engaging and used humour and real-life examples to connect with the group. I learned a great deal and I will practice the techniques to embed them at work.”

Here is the link to the original article: