Motivational Interviewing with Staffordshire County Council - October 2019

I’ve recently taken a holiday and now I’m back at the coal face and I’m LOVING it! I’ve spent the last two days with Staffordshire County Council and the Families First team, which includes social workers, social work managers, team leaders, family support workers and support staff. As I’m sure you are aware, I am always blown away by the staff from Staffordshire County Council. They are SO committed and inspiring. My Motivational Interviewing (MI) course really pushes some buttons and makes people think about both current and future practice.

What I have especially enjoyed is the fact that staff have kept in touch with me and sent me several anecdotes about how they have put their learning into practice. These examples have informed my practice too and I’ve started creating some new films based on what the staff have been telling me. I'll be filming with my new acting crew this weekend. The fun never ends!

Tomorrow brings the new look Compulsive Hoarding course and on Friday I’m delivering LOST – recognising and responding to loneliness. Then next week the adventures with a whole new local authority commence! I’m busy up until Christmas. 2019 has been superb! I wonder what 2020 will bring...?

Here is the 100% positive feedback from the course:

“Absolutely brilliant training. Reflective, informative and enjoyable and kept me alert and interested. One of the best training courses I’ve been attended.” Bev

“The best training, I have been on. The two days went by so fast due to how good the sessions were, I found the training really engaging. I found all of the information relevant to my own work and could identify how I could improve my practice.” Jessica

“The training was really engaging and incorporated lots of activities and opportunities to practice motivational interviewing skills. Steven clearly explained all of the elements.” Sharon

“I thoroughly enjoyed this training, I learnt such a lot. Steven was inspirational and engaging and made the training so enjoyable.” Jenny

“I really enjoyed the training, very engaging and knowledgeable. I will definitely apply this to my practice, thank you!” Amanda

“I really enjoyed the training which kept me focused throughout the two days. Really well delivered and I learned some new things.” Abida

“Very inspirational and good examples from practice. I will certainly use this knowledge in my practice.” Marion

“I thought the training was excellent. Steven made the training very interactive and inclusive. It has developed my understanding of motivational interviewing (MI) and how I can implement MI into my day to day working life with children and young people.” Sam

“Steven was very engaging throughout and the training gave me lets of thinking points around my current practice and how I will drive the new way of working home. Lots to think about.” Rachel

“Fantastic trainer, engaging, with two fabulously funny days of real examples from real practice. Thank you Steve!” Anji

“This training has been really useful and I am looking forward to using these skills and improving my practice.” Vanessa

“Fantastic learning, loved all of the various resources created by Steven, example: the colourful tools that I will definitely use in my working life. Thank you!” Emma

“I enjoyed practising interviewing with a partner, this helped me to push me out of my comfort zone and practice something I was initially unfamiliar with. This course helped cement my learning.” Laura

“Really enjoyable and interactive course with an excellent trainer. I feel I benefitted from the learning.” Chloe

“Excellent training based on real life work with people. Steven put theoretical knowledge into practice.” Ian