“Hugely informative, lots of useful information and techniques and encouragement." Motivational

This week saw my return to Staffordshire County Council and as is always the case, I was met by a class of motivated and confident learners, ready to learn, have fun and spread the good work. I do find that Staffordshire’s ‘Families First’ staff are wholly committed to engaging with their families and young people, supporting them into lifestyle change and also a more productive life. There is zero negativity emanating from the staff and this is a real breath of fresh air. They engage with one another, at break time, they chat and share stories, hardly anyone reaches for their mobile phone as they want to know more about each other and discover what’s happening in their region.

I was blown away by their encouragement and dynamic approach to learning, with everyone throwing themselves into each of the activities and remarking on how much they were looking forward to putting what they had learned into practice.

As always, learner feedback was 100% positive and here are the rather wonderful comments:

“The course (motivational Interviewing) supported me to understand the importance of enabling people to recognise and make changes to their lives independently.” Jack

“Steven is a fantastic trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire two-day course. The course was entertaining and informative and kept me captivated throughout. I’ve learned a lot and will be carrying it through into my practice. Thank you Steven.” Becky

“One of the best training courses I’ve ever been on. I have done Motivational Interviewing (MI) previously but struggled with engaging in it and putting it into practice. I will definitely use it now; moving forward and feel I have gained a lot regarding both skills and confidence in MI. The trainer (Steve) was brilliant! Very engaging and knowledgeable and I would recommend him 100%. Ten out of ten!” Ella

“Excellent practice-based course, Steven is a brilliant trainer, really engaging, he made it fun while learning a lot.” John

“Hugely informative, lots of useful information and techniques and encouragement. Great active listening and empowering approach to engage with customers to enable and maintain change in their lives.” Alison

“Really enjoyed the training. One of the best I’ve attended and will really make a difference to the way I work day to day. Thank you Steven.” Anne

“Level of interactivity and engagement was perfect.” Mark

“I would love to attend Steven’s hoarding training or any other training devised and delivered by Steven. Excellent. Thank you. 😊” Toni

“Fab, Fab, Fab! I feel this training has helped me look at my approach to my families, but also given me confidence to be heard and challenge behaviours / opinions. I would like to attend hoarding and rational compassion training with Steven please. Thank you for your support and belief in me.” Ann

“I learned a lot from Steve, I really struggle to absorb information but Steven’s delivery was spot on and with lots of ways of remembering the content. I would like conflict training with Steve.” Emma

“Very engaging, interactive, relatable, including both theory and knowledge.” Monique

“Really enjoyed this course, very interactive and feel confident to take what I have learnt into practice.” Gill