'Issues at the Council' My new 'team dynamic' film

Well hello faithful followers, I've been busy creating new resources for the upcoming training and development courses for September through to March. I think I'll be living on a train for several months as I'm here, there and everywhere.

I created the short film above to reinforce learning, there are several practical activities that grow from the film; it's an amalgamation of some of the issues that several managers have told me happen in their team(s). We had a hoot filming it and as always huge thanks to my acting troupe, Gwyn Hill, Heather Broadhurst and Rob Caton. (With a cameo from little ole me...)

Next week I'll be creating the new learning disability, education welfare and motivational interviewing films. My editing skills will be required! Who said August was a quiet month in education...?

Onward, ever onward!