“Great delivery, well-structured presentation with enough time to recap and reflect.” Creative day w

Hello there, one and all,

I’ve been enjoying yet another session with the legends from the University of Liverpool. They really are a law unto themselves, in the way that they are engaged, excited and exhilarated to be in one another’s company! This time I was asked to devise, design and deliver a bespoke course for the technical services team. Luckily with my background in art and performance I have more than a passing interest in the subject, so we had lot to discuss and lots to debate. No heated arguments, just helpful and constructive exchanges of ideas and a lot of laughter.

We looked at where we saw the team going, the strengths, the things that could be improved, how people felt and thought about the on-going projects with the department and also explored how best to serve the customers. All done with the Steven Talbot approach of lovely kinaesthetic learning tools, Velcro, laminates, games and play-doh. You can’t go wrong with a hands-on approach. I relish venturing to the wonderful City of Liverpool, and next time I intend to stay over for a couple of days and have wander about the place and of course check out the ‘rival’ cathedrals!

As you can imagine, feedback was 100% positive with some lovely comments, I particularly like it when learners take the time to stay behind for a chat and explain what they got from the training and how they hope things will change and / or improve.

  • “Very enjoyable and informative course, Steven was brilliant!”

  • “Really informative and will help me reflect on the way that I work and engage with staff and students.”

  • “Excellent breakdown of workplace behaviours that I and the team can reflect on and apply in our professional development. Thanks Steven.”

  • “Useful tools to use in the workplace AND everyday life. Trainer was fantastic and very captivating.”

  • “I learned new techniques that I’ll use in the workplace.”

  • “A very well presented and engaging session.”

  • “Very informative, lots of techniques to deal with challenges and encounters with students and families. It was good to look at how we can refocus the conversation into a more productive outcome.”

  • “The trainer (Steve) was very engaging and interesting. I liked all of the fun activities that made it all interesting, can we have more training with him?!”

  • “Very useful skills and delivered in a very supportive and inclusive way.”

  • “There was a lot of info to take in and it got quite intense! But it was all informative and engaging.”

  • “It was an enjoyable day’s training.”