Dealing with Potential Aggression “The best and most engaging training session I have ever attended.

Yesterday, the 13th of May 2019 saw me delivering my extremely popular course, ‘Dealing with Potential Aggression’ at the University of Liverpool. We spent a fun packed day in the most amazing venue, the technology put me in mind of Star Trek, talk about ‘state of the art.’ A beautiful training venue that befitted the wonderful learners. As I’m sure you all recall, I absolutely love delivering training in Liverpool. A legendary university with a truly authentic, hard working team of workers. Brilliant stuff.

What has been so immensely rewarding is the amount of staff who have contacted me to say how much they have learned and what they have immediately put into practice. I’ll be returning next month – so the adventures in Liverpool continue.

Oh I nearly forgot; and here are the 100% positive feedback comments:

“I really enjoyed the training and will follow up on issues such as rational compassion.” Anna

“I loved the real-life examples, your drawings and of course NANA JOAN! I learned a lot about being assertive.” Kristel

“Really enjoyable and informative.” Susan

“The best and most engaging training session I have ever attended. Loved putting theory into practice and I feel equipped to deal with tricky situations going ahead, thanks!” Anniken

“Really interesting, informative sessions and the trainer was engaging and fun.” Chrissie

“Excellent training, very engaging and fun session which made it very easy to learn the new skills.” Michael

“Fun, enjoyable and informative. I didn’t sit there being talked at which is always a good thing.” Mary

“Great interactive session, humour and examples brought the whole day to life.” John

“Fantastic! Actually, learned new skills to take back to the office!” Leon

“I had a very enjoyable day; Steven was very knowledgeable and made the training very informative and interesting. The day passed by so quickly, thank you.” Jackie

“Steve was great and made the day very funny. Knowledgeable and informative, thanks very much.” Phill

” Thank you for the training session today, I hope to be less passive and more assertive. 😊” Christina

“The session was extremely helpful and useful to help me adapt my working attitude. IO thoroughly enjoyed it.” Emma

“Excellent – nuff said.” Dave

“I was not sure of the objectives but learned loads!” JR

“Really enjoyable and very informative.” Katie

“Loved the voice!” Anon

“Learned some really good skills, thanks.” Anon