"The best, most interactive and entertaining course I’ve ever been on." University of Live

Here I am back in Liverpool, enjoying more days with the university and having a great time with some truly exciting learners. It is always a joy to arrive in Liverpool and to be surrounded by the light and energy of uplifting people. I particularly love how proud the denizens of Liverpool are of their city. It would be GREAT if we were all ‘infected’ by the Liverpudlian pride.

Yesterday, we looked at difficult conversations, challenging behaviour and exploring long held beliefs. We spent the day discovering the various techniques that I use to roll with resistance and smooth troubled waters. The learners particularly enjoyed the two bespoke films that I created for them, and we’ll no doubt see more of Monica and Nana Joan at a later date…

Here is a smattering of the latest round of feedback from the learners:

“An excellent course, delivered by a great trainer, thank you Steven.” Brian

“I really enjoyed the interactive methods and a very effective opportunity to reflect on my current practice which will be invaluable. Thank you.” Alex

“I have learned some really useful techniques that I can use in my everyday job. Particularly the questioning tool and DESC.” Helen

“Very good and informative training, it’s rare that training can be this enjoyable. I learnt a lot, thank you so much.” Christina

“This was boss! The best, most interactive and entertaining course I’ve ever been on, can I have more sessions with Steve please!?” M

“Good fun, excellent and lots to take in. Sort of feel like I need another session in two months to reflect on how it is going.” Elaine

“Really enjoyed the training, very informative and going to go away and read about rational compassion. Thank you.” Hollie

“The learning was excellent with so many practical examples that I can apply to my day to day job. A BIG thank you.” Filomena

“Very good course!” Anon

“A fun, friendly course, would be great to have the trainer back on campus again.” Anon

“I thought Steven was an excellent and engaging trainer. I believe I will use the techniques that I have learned in my everyday work. However, I felt some participants examples could have been probed further to explore their biases.” Alison

“The course was very interesting; I will use the techniques that I have been taught.” Anon

“Very easy to understand and an engaging presentation.” Jeanne

“Excellent and informative, enjoyable and humorous course, thanks Steve.” Hannah

“Fabulous, very enjoyable and educational.” Jade

“Diverting and humours approach, definitely learned some new approaches and strategies.” Cathy

“Fantastic! Extremely engaging and we learnt a lot of useful practices and tools we can use going forward.” Paul

“Very good course, funny and informative, interactive and enjoyable.” Ian