“Inspirational and thought provoking!” Staffordshire County Council - Motivational Interviewing Trai

Last week I delivered two days of Motivational Interviewing training with various employees from Staffordshire County Council and it was possibly the most rewarding experience of my career. A clearly motivated work force, engaged throughout and eager to learn new skills and techniques to include when working with their service users.

It was obvious how happy the staff were in their job roles AND how they wanted to embrace new ways of working that would benefit their young people and families. What I particularly loved was how at break-time, staff did not reach for their mobile phones, instead they turned to speak and listen to the person(s) next to them, people they may not have actually met before. Lovely! There are plenty more sessions are booked, so their colleagues will experience the joyous Steven Talbot approach to training well into 2020!

Here are the comments, 100% positive and wonderfully uplifting:

"Inspirational and thought provoking" Di

“This course was fabulously inspirational. The learning was well supported with learning material and film clips. I would recommend this training all day long!” Nicki

“Fantastic training, Steven is so inspiring, motivating and knowledgeable about the subject matter and much, much more. Steve was able to create an arena for learning that felt safe and fun. I LOVED this training.” Sue

“Best training that I’ve even been on. Fantastic, informative, and a really engaging trainer. Thanks Steven. I will definitely be using this in my role. Practice, practice, practice.” Anon

"As I’ve known Steven for some time it has been a pleasure to how he has developed his organisational knowledge, which has always been second to none. Confident as ever, professionally and personally engaging with each trainee. Great stuff! 😊” Scott

“I Found the training to be excellent, I have learnt new skills that I intend to use in my role.” Karen

“Fantastic training. I will embed this into my practice. I hope to get the rest of my team on Steven’s training.” Adam

“Brilliant, Steven, give yourself a raise! It was nice to be trained by someone who has actually lived it.” Amy

“Brilliant course, content and trainer. I really enjoyed it as the whole two days were relaxed and we laughed a lot!” Sharon

“The trainer was fantastic, very knowledgeable, brilliant delivery style, all the training materials were brilliant. This training was really good! I hope I can continue to develop in this approach and use it in my practice." Anon

“Great training and good time scales. Totally relevant to the role that I do. II will use the skills learnt in my everyday use with young people and families.” Dave

“Well informed trainer, used humour to deliver the training, I enjoyed the training.” Hazel

“Very informative training that will aid in positively changing my practice, Steven made the training very engaging.” Joanna

“Excellent training, excellent case studies, practice and examples.” Stella

“Thank you, you were passionate and informative. It helped me to feel motivated again to use the skills in my job.” Melissa

“The training has widened my knowledge and re-skilled me within areas I learnt at university. I loved the different learning styles involved and the real-life case studies.” Jade

“A very informative and enjoyable course.” Anon

“I found the training very informative and I learnt some new skills I will be able to apply within my practice. The trainer (Steven) was very welcoming and helpful, thank you.” Anon

“Very well delivered training.” Anon

“What a trainer! You have been enthusiastic, supportive and brilliant throughout. I have learned so much, thank you so much.” Anon