“The best training I’ve ever had, very engaging and interactive.” Inspiring times with Staffordshire

Hello faithful readers of the Steven Talbot blog!

Lately I’ve been so, so busy that I’ve neglected to bang my drum of ‘inspiring feedback’ comments and I know how much you like to read them, so here goes…

I recently commenced my training programme with Staffordshire County Council and what an amazing two days it was, we laughed, we learned and we shared some cracking practice. All of the staff were involved with families across Staffordshire and demonstrated just how committed and hardworking they were. The two days of Motivational Interviewing training just sped past and it was glorious to behold such lovely feedback.


“SO good. Steven made me learn a lot and I cannot wait to apply it in my working day when I’m interviewing.” Vicky

“The best training I’ve ever had, very engaging and interactive. Steven answered all questions and went the extra mile with the group. All training was relatable to my day to day working caseload. This course would be great at the start of working in children’s services and then again as a refresher.” Olivia

“I enjoyed the different activities to get me thinking, the six-step change plan I will definitely use. I liked the ‘4 bums on a bed’ and avoiding WHY?????!” Nicola

“A very well delivered and informative course which I can use in my practice.” Julia

“Excellent training, very well delivered, good pace and easy to absorb with a variety of exercises. Overall, enjoyable and good transferable techniques.” Andrea

“This was fantastic training. I have learned a lot and really enjoyed the course. Steven is a fantastic trainer. He kept me interested over the two days, where he made it fun through his activities and just being himself. Loved it!” Nicola

“The two days training was informative, enjoyable and having completed it I will take a lot away from it. I have learnt that I may sometimes be a rescuer and this achieves little for the customer. I shall put my learning into practice.” Rebecca

“Very informative, will put it into practice and feedback. I have high hopes!” Lisa

“Very interactive training. The training was informative and I enjoyed the activities immensely.” Anon

“Brilliant training delivered by an experienced trainer who made it fun. I feel it will improve my practice.” Nicola

“Very informative and I have learnt how I can apply the techniques, especially the paraphrasing.” Margaret

“Very enjoyable course, brilliant, funny and the teacher was very knowledgeable.” Diane

“Very interesting and enjoyable training, the two days just flew by.” Anon

“Training was informative and interactive. The trainer (Steven) kept it interesting.” Fiona