University of Liverpool - managing potentially aggressive behaviour

“Excellent training session, very inspired to change my behaviour and now I believe I have the skills to do so!” Helen

I’ve been working with Matt Davis from the University of Liverpool to create a bespoke ‘dealing with aggressive behaviour’ training programme and I think both of us are pretty chuffed (as we are prone to saying in Newcastle-under-Lyme) with the learner feedback.

Liverpool is a fascinating city to visit, especially as the folks of Liverpool are so gratified by their heritage and the accomplishments of so many Liverpudlians. I’ve yet to visit a city where the people are SO proud and love to tell strangers all about the ‘places to visit’ and the ‘oh so famous people!’ I was in a local supermarket, and the lovely assistant behind the till took five minutes to list off all of the places I needed to visit, she bizarrely said, ‘have you been to the Catholic Cathedral, you look at bit Catholic to me.’ And she was right! In what way do I appear (lapsed) Catholic I wonder…?

It would be great if the ‘be proud, spread the message, do good’ ethos was alive and well in every city that I visit, alas this is not the case, however I’m making it my mission to spread the word and to do SOMETHING about changing the views of certain cities, towns and places.

I’m absolutely blown away with the number of contracts that I’ve secured in only my second year in operation. Whoever thought that in my wildest dreams life would be this successful. Well, there was one person, and that was my Mum, who always had faith in ‘her Steven’ and I wish (oh how I wish) more than anything she could be here with me today, celebrating the success and my achievement. If there was one woman who needed to be celebrated on International Women’s Day it’s my Mum, the legendary Maureen Talbot. Everything I do in life is down to that woman, protector, challenger, funniest woman who ever lived, maddeningly intelligent and brimming full of love and admiration.

Anyhow; take a look at the 100% positive feedback and while you are at it keep spreading the Steven Talbot message

“The training was the best, most engaging training I’ve been on in fifteen years. The trainer was incredibly engaging and used humour and real-life examples to connect with the group. I learned a great deal and I will practice the techniques to embed them at work.” Melanie

“Fabulous and very informative.” Jane

“Really enjoyed the workshop, all of the activities were engaging. There were lots of pointers for me to take away.” Charlotte

“Really informative and useful information that will be useful at work.” Sue

“Really enjoyable, best course I’ve ever been on. Play Doh won major points, please come back and do more.” Charlene

“A great course, well worth doing even if you’ve got some prior knowledge or experience of conflict management.” Josephine

“Really well taught course, humour keeps it engaging. The techniques and tips were really helpful.” Anon

“Excellent knowledge delivered with humour. Good group activities with examples relevant to my job, practise is needed now – from me!” Anon

“All good! Very informative and presented in a way that made all the concepts easy to understand.” John

“Really enjoyable and very informative. Lost to think about and practice and then embed into my role. Thank you.” Kerrie

“Very challenging. Instructor was personable and entertaining, many, many thanks!” Liz

“Very enjoyable session which I think will be useful in both working and personal environment. Thank you Steven!” Shannon

“Was unsure about attending, but I was pleased I did! 😊” Andrea

“Engaging and interesting from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed the training. Thank you.” Fleur

“Very enjoyable and informative course. 😊” Julie

“Very engaging and thoroughly enjoyable, I left feeling happy, what a nice day! 😊” Anon

“Very good training that didn’t really feel like I was on training!” Josh

“Really enjoyed the course, it was presented very well by Steven and I found it all very useful.” Rachel

“Great course! Learned a lot about myself and how I can use skills I’ve learnt and will continue to develop in the work place. Thank you!” Rachel

“Very informative and taught different ways of thinking and using language. Also provided humour which was well received by the audience.” Neil

“All content can be applied to my role, very helpful.” Susan

“Excellent delivery, new ideas and simple techniques to use in the workplace. Thank you.” Vicki

“I really enjoyed this training, I hope I can use this in my line of work. It was really useful.” Clare

“Brilliant, enjoyed every single minute, learnt things about myself to change so I will practice and use the techniques in time.” Trina

“Really enjoyed the humour, Steven’s acting and the wealth of examples. I’ll certainly use the techniques I’ve learnt and try to stop saying, ‘but!’” Luc

“Wonderful! Thank you very much, it was very informative and helpful and the active participation was great.” Emma

“Fantastic training day. Steven is a breath of fresh air! Great tips picked up that cannot only be used in work but also my private life with family and friends. Thank you Steven.” Sharon

“Absolutely brilliant training session! Need more like this, so informative, relaxed and fun. I learned a lot! 😊” Laura

“Great training, the best I have ever bee on at the university. Really hit the mark, many thanks.” S

“Thank you Steven for a really enjoyable session, it was engaging and I would definitely benefit from kore sessions like this.” Vicki

“Interesting content, really made me think.” Louise

“Very informative, packed with content, fun, informative and in a word ‘ brilliant.” Anon

“Very useful tips on how to approach situations. The trainer was very engaging and made the session enjoyable.” Anon

“Very engaging, thought provoking, inspired me into further reflecting on my work practices and I appreciated the hour!” Laura

“Fantastic course, learnt lots that I can use in my working environment, especially found DESC and the four bums useful in my day to day life.” Isla