Liverpool University - in a word - FANTASTIC!

Working with Potential aggression with Liverpool University

The past week has seen me working with the amazing folks of Liverpool University. A huge HUGE thank-you all concerned as we had two superb days of learning replete with the requisite laughter, anecdotes and Scouse humour! It really was a joy to create and deliver the ‘working with potential aggression’ course to the staff of the university.

I researched the issues faced by the staff and then created some potentially aggressive scenarios, as always there was no ‘death by role play’ on my training, instead I spun my web of intrigue and introduced the assembled groups to disgruntled student, ‘Shelby’ and her rather furious, ‘Nana Joan.’ I think Nana Joan will now go down in history, a truly legendary character created by the truly legendary Gwyn Hill, oh she does hate not having a place to park… She also hates lecturers, traffic wardens, staff and anyone who ‘gets in the way of her Shelby attaining that first.’

A truly rewarding two days and this was just the beginning as I will be returning to Liverpool University over the next few weeks, as I spread the Steven Talbot message and aid in de-escalating potentially aggressive issues in higher education.

Big thanks go to Mary and Matt for engaging my services and being superb support.

Feedback from the learners was 100% positive with some beautiful quotes from the clearly engaged learners on the course.

“Absolutely loved it! Most enjoyable and informative course I’ve even been on, the best trainer that the university has ever used. Thank you.” Teri

“I loved this course, I have worked at this university for 20 years and Steven is the best trainer I’ve come across, please do more courses Steven. Thank you.” Ann

“The best training I have ever been on. Steven was so knowledgeable but also made the day so enjoyable. I feel that I have learned so much.” Addy

“Thank you – the best training sessions I have ever attended.” Trish

“I’ve been on a lot of courses at work and this was by far the best one, Steven was great!” Lindsey

“The training was informative and Steven was inspiring. It was fun and even though it was the entire day it was good and engaging.” Alessandra

“Excellent course, lots of food for thought. Definitely made me think about my own behaviour in the work place.” Jane

“Loved it! Engaging, fun, interactive and informative, all was visual, relaxed and professional.” Christopher

“Delivered with good humour and covered some good subjects, one of the best courses I’ve ever attended.” Allan

“One of the best training sessions I’ve ever attended!” Sharon

“Really enjoyed the training, very informative, would be interested in more training from Steven.” Julie

“Engaging training session, we need more course like this!” Jennifer

“The course was very informative and practical for my role and in my life. Steven is very knowledgeable and happy to share his ideas.” Sarah

“Informative and thought-provoking sessions, very enjoyable and will be of benefit.” Cathy

“I loved it. Steven is a very engaging facilitator and his fun approach has everyone rapt and keen to take part and participate fully.” Jo

“Super course! Great learning experience and an excellent tutor in Steven.” Fred

“Steven made the whole day enjoyable, fun and informative, really, really good.” Vivien

“Great session, learnt a lot that I am looking forward to putting into action.” Cath

“I enjoyed it very much, the trainer was very engaging with his audience.” Julie

“BEST COURSE EVER! More please.” Karen

“The trainer was very informative and entertaining, made the learning fun and used lots of useful techniques.” Carly

“Entertaining and informative.” Janet

“This was a fun way to learn important ways to talk and listen to others without making conflict.” Emily

“Steven was an absolute pleasure to learn from, thoroughly recommend his training.” Pauline

“Excellent and enjoyable training session, fun and interactive.” Karen

“I really enjoyed the training and although a lot of the concepts of active listening were familiar to me it was valuable to consider them in a potentially aggressive or ‘de-escalating’ context. Thank you Steven!” Kate

“Fantastic day – really encouraged to think outside the box and improve communication skills. Thank you.” Jess

“Really enjoyed the session and learnt some useful things to use going forward at work.” Sean

“Very enjoyable” Liz

“Really helpful, I feel confident to use new skills in the work place.” Ellie

“Really enjoyed the day, Steven was GREAT!” Julie

“The course was very enjoyable and very informative, which provided great ideas on how to resolve difficult situations.” Anon

“Really enjoyed the course, it kept my attention all day even though the room was hot. I learned a lot - thanks.” Anon

“Very informative, lots of humour, knowledgeable, I’ll be taking something away from this that I can use in my working life.” Anon