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Conflict at the University - a short film

Howdy all! It's show time!

A huge thank you to Heather Broadhurst, Managing Director of Now You Know Training for agreeing to STAR in my new short film. I've created 'The Ashbourne Building' for a course that I'll be delivering throughout 2019. It's a 'how NOT to' film so don't judge us too harshly, (yes, I make a cameo), after all Monica and Lionel are busy people....

Alex Meakin (daughter of Heather and in her first starring role no less) plays Shelby, our poor, harassed student who may not get the service she was expecting from her two university administrators, especially as they believe she really needed to ring 'the Dovedale Building...' Alex was pitch perfect as the student stuck between a rock and hard place and a massive thank you goes out to Alex.

I love filming, sound designing, editing etc the mini movies (I'm a one man band with one hi-def camera and a boom to work with) and it brings me such joy when people totally throw themselves into their parts. I especially love creating the activities that accompany the films, joyous days indeed.

Monica, Lionel and Shelby will return...