Lost - recognising and responding to loneliness

“I want to live my life, instead of waiting for it to start.”


I’m currently researching and developing my new course, ‘Lost’ recognising and responding to loneliness. As with all of my training and development, I have spent a great deal of time researching, interviewing and generally getting to know the ins and outs of my subject. Over the past two months I have interviewed a host of people, from MPs to head teachers, mental health professionals to occupational therapists, and all the while interviewing and filming with the most important people; everyday (some would say ‘ordinary’) folk from across Staffordshire, Shropshire and Wolverhampton.

It has been a rewarding and somewhat challenging exploration, especially as I’ve heard so many tales of people who feel that they are stuck and cannot get out there in the grand, wide world for fear of rejection, anxiety, judgement, etc. the list is endless. What has been most telling is the amount of support that is out there for people and the amount of people who simply don’t know about that support. There is a real disconnect between services and people actually knowing about them, never mind accessing them. Hopefully the training will go someway to bridging that gap and advertising the host of initiatives that are available across our area.

I’ve started making the training films for the course and I think people will be suitably surprised by the content. You may arrive on a course called, ‘Lost’ expecting dark, dour, hopelessness, well, I’m having none of that! So, instead I’ve made a couple of films looking at how people have challenged themselves and thrown themselves back into the world. I’ve also created a lovely, how NOT to’ and ‘how to’ support worker film, which highlights some of the things that the customers shared with me.

Take it easy people, be kind, kind, kind to each other and if you see someone looking a little lost, just go on over and say ‘hello.’