Shropshire Council - Havenbrook staff - 'embracing the changes'

Wednesday the 21st of November 2018 saw me bid farewell to Havenbrook – Shrewsbury’s short break children’s home. We’ve had three brilliant days of learning and laughter. A close knit, focused, dedicated team with some strong characters and even stronger values. Each and every learner threw themselves into the learning opportunity and the feedback was (as you’ve no doubt guessed) 100% glowing in its positivity.

Today we looked at embedding the learning from ‘Inspiring Change’ and also how to work with potential aggression. From assertive responses to emotional / communication difficulties, each learner took their time to fully understand and practice each of the concepts. It was particularly heartening to hear how the learners had started to use their motivational interviewing skills – great anecdote Jo! ‘Well, it’s a sign of life!’

Feedback consisted of:

“I wanted to increase my knowledge base, the coursed was very well delivered and Steve is a great teacher 😊”

“I came into the training with an open mind and have learnt some new techniques and strategies that I hope to incorporate into my daily work.”

“Very engaging, learned about DESC and I can see this will be very useful within my role, especially with challenging behaviours and conversations. This will help me to work with parents too.”

“Loved DESC and the use of it. It’s important to use it, also to highlight when we have used motivational interviewing. I like how we looked at effective recording of records.”

“Positive consequences, less questions, ask ‘four bums on a bed’ and avoid the why! Those are the main things I’ve learnt, thank you Steve.”

“I hoped to gain learning in how to communicate in a way that encourages others to participate. I enjoyed all three days. Thank you.”

“The trainer (Steve) was brilliant! I wanted to learn about better working practices, more effective ways of working with young people and ultimately better outcomes for young people.”

“Unfortunately, I only attended the last day, I loved what I attended and found Steven so inspiring. Any other comments: How this training has been effective for Havenbrook.”